Meet Our Pastor

Pastor Angelo Valle was raised in a Christian home from a young age, and it was because of the actions and prayers of his parents that he initially encountered Jesus. In his early years, he viewed God as a judge and progressively hardened his own heart and did as he pleased. It was not until high school that the gospel took root within Angelo’s life, Jesus began to scrape away the rust of his old life, fashioning him anew and changing his affections and passions. He was a new man and a new creation in Christ; the long road home had begun. Family at Church

His preparation for the ministry began in the halls of Valley Forge Christian College, in Phoenixville Pennsylvania, where he fell further in love with the Lord’s inerrant Word through the original tongues of the Scriptures, with His people by working in a local church plant, and with His creation by courting & marrying his wife, Marie. In this period, God has graciously bestowed onto him the tools, the passion and the partner to be a part of His mission on this earth: to be an ambassador of reconciliation. Upon graduation, he felt the necessity for further training for ministry and began his journey at Westminster Theological Seminary.

Pastor Angelo, along with his wife Marie and their newborn son Jonathan, came to Christ Reformed Church in August of 2013. He has ministered in many aspects of his previous churches including ministering to children, teenagers, young adults, families and senior citizens with music, Bible studies, teaching and preaching. In his short time at Christ Reformed Church, he has greatly enjoyed helping the church get back to their historical Reformed roots. Besides being with his wife & son, Pastor Angelo enjoys reading theology & history, taking long walks with his family and experimenting with new recipes.

Its all about Jesus, and His ability to take dead men, and transform them into sons of the Most High God.