How People Change Seminar


A Crash Course in Applied Sanctification

A seminar on applying the truth of the Gospel to the problems of daily living.

Saturday, October 23, 2021
9:00am-4:00pm (Lunch provided)

Christ Reformed Church
502 Main Street • Alexandria, PA 16611

Suggested Donation of $10 per person
Pre-Registrations Appreciated

About This Seminar

If you are losing it with your kids, anxious about work, overwhelmed with family drama, concerned about your health, or any other hardships of a fallen world, this one-day seminar is what you are looking for. Based on Timothy Lane and Paul Tripp’s book “How People Change”, our time together will equip you to plumb the depths of Scripture to better understand God’s plan for your growth. More than just theology, this crash course in applied sanctification will give you the tools to apply the love and grace of God to your life today toward real and lasting change.

 Schedule for Saturday, October 23
8:30 AM Registration and Continental Breakfast
9:00 AM Welcome
9:15am AM  Session 1: The Man in the Mirror
10:15am AM  Session 2: A Community of Change
11:10 PM  Session 3: HEAT – The Hardships of Life
12:30 PM  Session 4: THORNS – Our Prickly Responses
1:25 PM  Session 5: CROSS – Our Only Hope
2:20 PM  Session 6: FRUIT – Evidences of Grace
3:15 PM  Q & A with Panel
4:00 PM  Dismissal


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