Illuminance Cycle 3 Lesson Plan Membership


Attention Homeschooling Families, Family Worship Advocates, and Church Leadership! Beta testers are earnestly needed to use and provide feedback on a new, dynamic Bible curriculum for children, teens, and adults!

Pastor Angelo & Marie Valle have recently finished their seminal Bible study curriculum called “Illuminance Bible Memory Work.” This is a catechism of successive questions and answers that helps students of all ages navigate through the whole story of the Bible to reveal its relevant application for today.

To coordinate with the cycles of Memory Work, we have developed weekly lessons using the classical model of education to delve further into each question and answer one-by-one. This curriculum has been established with the utmost care and diligence, and now we are looking for a few volunteers to help us with the final stages of its development. Before we make it available to the general public in the coming months, we need a select number of families and churches to work through this curriculum on their own and then provide us with critical feedback.

The retail value for this curriculum will be $49.99. However, those who sign up to be one of our beta testers will only pay $18 and will receive the complete Illuminance Cycle 3 curriculum of 36 lessons designed to bring depth of learning and clarity to the catechism questions of the Cycle 3 Memory Work. Each lesson, which will be released and emailed directly to you each week, contains a lesson and Bible Study for all ages plus games, crafts, and activities appropriate for elementary children, discussion questions to engage early teens in the application process, and further study resources and topics for older teens and adults to grasp the depth of the Scriptures.

Sign up now! Beta membership is limited.

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