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About Christ Reformed Church of Alexandria

We presently celebrate our Confessional Reformed tradition in the Three Forms of Unity. Each week, we meet with God in liturgical worship, proclaiming all of the Bible for all of life.

Our church exists to honor and love the LORD God who has called us into fellowship with Him by His Holy Spirit through his Son. We can only achieve this goal of being faithful to God through the Gospel of Jesus Christ who calls us to be transformed by his Word and Spirit.

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The first record of the establishment of the Reformed Faith in Alexandria dates from the year 1798 when John Dietrick Aurandt, a young man inspired by the Gospel and studying for the Ministry, began his pastoral work as an itinerant preacher.

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However, it was not until 1846 that the plot of land our church presently resides on was deeded over to the German Reformed Church from which we descend. In 1851, our present church building was erected.

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Since then, our church has survived through several denominational shifts by virtue of mergers and in present-day remains ardent in her faithfulness to God’s Holy Word.


As an Orthodox Presbyterian Minister, in the Central PA Presbytery, he continues his education as he works towards further degrees in Historical Theology. He is an avid reader of Puritans like John Owen and John Bunyan as well as the ancient Church in pastors such as St. Augustine, Athanasius, and John Chrysostom.

Pastor Valle, along with his wife Marie and their son Jonathan, came to Christ Reformed Church in August of 2013. But today the Valle home celebrates their family of five: Jonathan, Eliana (“Ellie”), and Thea Elizabeth. Besides being with his wife & children, Pastor Valle enjoys reading theology & history, taking long walks with his family, hunting, and experimenting with new recipes.


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A Confessionally Reformed Congregation,
meeting with God in liturgical worship,
proclaiming all of the Bible for all of life.