God with Me
Our church spent the summer working through portions of the book of Psalms. They are all treasures in various ways and have different occasions for use. Psalm 46 is one worth noting, in that it was a crucial tool in the founding of the Reformational churches in the 1500s. Martin Luther, the Protestant Reformer, paraphrased … More God with Me
Adam, Our Covenantal Head
As a kid, I regularly attended church and got to memorize bible verses. I had to repeat them for Sunday school or for a Christian boy scouts-type organization. For years, I had all of this raw biblical data available to me but I wasn’t always sure how it all connected. Its as if the bible … More Adam, Our Covenantal Head
This is My Father’s World
The Bible begins with those classic words of Genesis 1:1, “In the beginning…” and from the outset its tone is different than what we might expect from a book of beginnings. When people begin books about God, so often they want to begin with a textbook description of His character and attributes. Another approach often … More This is My Father’s World
God’s Acts in Eternity Past
One of my favorite parts of the Reformed faith is that it does not shy away from hard questions. One such question is the classic, “What was God doing before the creation of the world?” The ancient theologian, Augustine, wrote of someone else’s poor attempt at humor in his book Confessions. The exchange went something … More God’s Acts in Eternity Past
God’s Good Law
Psalm 119 is a gift to Christ’s church. If you’ve encountered it before, you know its massive. This psalm is composed of 176 verses. For its gargantuan size, there is only one big idea presented: the Word of God. I challenge you to point to any verse at random. Go ahead. Do it. I bet … More God’s Good Law
A Book of Books
If you’ve ever opened a Bible before then you know that there are many different types of literature contained in the book. Sometimes you find poetry. Other times you find history full of narratives and lists. On another occasion, maybe what you discover are law codes, or parables, or even some otherworldly stories known as … More A Book of Books
A Song of Creation
What kind of God is the God of the Bible? Is he petty and weak? Is he unmoved by our suffering or indifferent about our sorrows? Is he chaotic or uncertain or cruel? How would you answer the question, “What kind of God is the God you serve?” Where would you begin? We could share … More A Song of Creation
God’s Story: Your Foundation
I love a good story. Whether it involves elves and dwarves, cowboys and aliens, star ships or detectives, a good story always grabs my attention. I imagine you too have many stories that you love. Whether it’s an old film, a familiar book, a play, or even that one hunting story that never ceases to … More God’s Story: Your Foundation
Why Are There Churches?
There are no lack of companies and organizations in our world. One of the common features of successful companies is that they know precisely what they intend to do. They typically condense their business’s entire reason or purpose for existence into a single sentence which guides all that they hope to accomplish. One company may … More Why Are There Churches?
Precious Little Time
When we think about the life of Jesus, we find the supreme example of productivity. Now I don’t mean that He wandered about with a to-do list. But I do mean that He was a man with limited time. He ministered for only a handful of years, and then after His resurrection He remained for … More Precious Little Time
The Resurrection: A Leg to Stand On
In my office, I have two red chairs. As far as chairs go, they are rather ordinary things. They have cushions and armrests and four legs. One of them, however, is slowly decaying. One of the legs is beginning to wobble and crunch when pushed at just the right angle. Eventually this chair will have … More The Resurrection: A Leg to Stand On
The Blessed Trinity
There are many things in this world that are beyond comprehension. I imagine that you sometimes feel that way. What are some things that remind you that you still have things to learn? Perhaps for some of you when it comes to cars you are out of your depth. Maybe it isn’t vehicles that make … More The Blessed Trinity
The Curse of the Cross
One of the most important events in human history is the crucifixion of the Lord Jesus Christ. His death on the cross was as necessary as His resurrection (cf. Luke 24:25-27). However, Jesus’ death on the cross did not happen randomly. The New Testament paints a very clear picture of jealousy, fear, and a desire … More The Curse of the Cross
When You Can’t Sleep
When was the last time you had a bad night’s sleep? What was it that made it so bad? Was it bad dreams? You wake up in a cold sweat. Images and sounds race in your mind, and then you sit up. You remind yourself that it was just a dream. But even with that, … More When You Can’t Sleep
Parables In Proper Perspective
Before the Lord Jesus Christ became a Gospel-preacher, he was a carpenter. I don’t know that much about ancient carpentry, but what I do know is that every trade has its tools. Even today’s modern carpenters have a whole host of tools available to them. If you’ve ever worked on a project before, then you … More Parables In Proper Perspective
Jesus’ Mighty Acts
If you want to learn about someone, you have to find out what they love to do. Perhaps they love to work with their hands: carpentry, baking, and landscaping are common options. Maybe they are an artist who loves to paint portraits or even cars. Maybe they simply love puzzles. Our actions are quite often … More Jesus’ Mighty Acts
Planting Seeds, Not Weeds
Life in the garden. Have you ever noticed that the Bible is bookended with gardens? In Genesis 1, we find the creation of the world. God conquers the darkness and the void and births new life. He places in His beautiful garden trees, plants, animals, even people to enjoy this amazing space He has created. … More Planting Seeds, Not Weeds
How to Read the Psalms
How can we begin to consider the majesty and beauty contained in the Psalms? No book in human history has ever matched the emotional depth, wisdom, clarity, winsomeness and majesty as contained in these 150 psalms. The Book of Psalms is the original prayerbook, the original hymnal, and the original model for how we ought … More How to Read the Psalms
Kingdom Come
One of the great revelations of the Gospel surrounds the nature of the Kingdom of God. When we enter the New Testament, the very first words uttered by John the Baptist and Jesus Christ are draped in Kingdom language, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” (Matt. 3:2; 4:17) The Kingdom was the … More Kingdom Come
For the Love of God
What do you think is the most important verse in the Bible? If you were to ask Christians, I imagine the majority of them would say something like John 3:16, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” … More For the Love of God
The Scriptures are Sufficient
One of the central tenets of Protestant Christianity is the sufficiency of Scripture. Sufficient for what? They are not sufficient in learning how to tie one’s shoes. Nor are they useful in teaching you how to make an excellent quiche. So, what do I mean? Theologian John Frame explains Scripture’s sufficiency in this way, “Scripture … More The Scriptures are Sufficient
The World’s Greatest Sermon
There are few talks given that have had as lasting an impact as Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. This sermon can be found in Matthew 5-7. Some of Christ’s most powerful teaching, and even most culturally shocking, come to us from this section of the Bible. Such famous elements of this Sermon include the Beatitudes, … More The World’s Greatest Sermon
The Death of Death
I have spent the last few days pondering deeply over the horrors surrounding the recent school shooting in Nashville, TN. This is not the first school shooting. However, there was a unique resonance that occurred for me as I considered its location and the victims. The first reason was that this occurred on the grounds … More The Death of Death
The World’s Greatest Need: Scripture
Today’s great need for the world in general, and the church in particular, is a greater trust in the the Bible as the flawless Word of God. So many today have abandoned the Word of God as the highest authority for all of life and have sought alternative rules and guides to measure their lives. … More The World’s Greatest Need: Scripture
The Traitor’s Reverent Surrender
There are some stories that are immediate classics. They are published, or presented on the silver screen and they are immediately recognized as new standards for excellence. Maybe it’s the lead character whose story draws you further into their tale. Perhaps it’s the style surrounding every line or shot. Maybe it’s the character arc that … More The Traitor’s Reverent Surrender
The Fishermen’s Royal Summons
One of the great surprises in the life of Christ is that He intentionally established a unique order of men to labor with Him in His ministry on earth. Christ was going to advance His kingdom after His death, burial, resurrection, and ascension through these otherwise ordinary men. But their marvelous ends were difficult to … More The Fishermen’s Royal Summons
The Mountains Shall Drip Sweet Wine
God has gifted His church with many excellent teachers. The old word for such men were “doctors” that is, teachers. It has been suggested that the greatest doctor in Western Christianity is none other than St. Augustine (AD 354-430).  In one of his sermons, Augustine proclaimed, “the humility of Christ is the medicine of man’s … More The Mountains Shall Drip Sweet Wine
Names Matter
No one comes from nowhere. All of us have a history. Sometimes we wish it was something we could erase or rewrite. But for better or worse, our stories have an origin. Sometimes our rearward glances allow us a perspective that we never could have had in the moment. You’ve likely heard the phrase, “Hindsight … More Names Matter
It Is Well
The perfect cup of coffee. The mountains. Sitting with my husband. Crossing a task off my list. Children asking for second helpings of a new dish. Those are places of peace and prosperity for me. Those are places of tranquility and safety, where everything is right in the world. Those are my “peace like a … More It Is Well
Between the Water and the Wilderness
In film and literature there are often cues to help the audience know that an amazing story is about to take place. We may think of the old “Once upon a time…” or even the infamous, “Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away….” With both set before you I imagine that some images and … More Between the Water and the Wilderness
Christ’s Oft Forgotten Work
Historically speaking, the church makes it a point to remember the main events in the life of the Lord Jesus. Even churches that seem to reject the liturgical calendar happen to celebrate Easter (by virtue of Lord’s Day worship) and maybe even Christmas. But are those two events, Jesus’ birth and resurrection, the only days … More Christ’s Oft Forgotten Work
Joseph: Godly Character at Work
One of the great difficulties that may coincidently occur as life’s busyness gets the better of us is that we forget the many people who helped us to become our present selves. I know that not every person’s background is ripe with support or role models, but for many of us, we have become better … More Joseph: Godly Character at Work
The Timelessness of Christ’s Conception
Today may not be Christmas, but the lessons learned from the Scriptures concerning the conception of Christ are necessary year round. There are many lessons to be learned about the faithfulness of God, the wisdom of God, and the like, but no mystery is as profound as the incarnation of Christ. How did the eternal … More The Timelessness of Christ’s Conception
Paul’s Church Growth Guide
For my personal study, I am reading through the book of Acts. Our church is working through this classic historical text in the evening. One of the observations that anyone utilizing the map in the back of their Bible will notice as they read the book of Acts is that Paul’s missionary journeys covered a … More Paul’s Church Growth Guide
John the Baptist: Prophet of Repentance
Like any sane individual, I hate alarm clocks. I mean what sick mind looks forward to being roused from a wonderful dream by being bombarded with a clanging alarm. However, such infuriating tones serve a purpose: to wake up an otherwise peaceful sleeper. John the Baptist served God’s people in a manner similar to an … More John the Baptist: Prophet of Repentance
Growing in Assurance
As a pastor, I can tell you that we are so often the recipients of various questions. We are asked about current events, or our opinions on politics, or even controversies. There are some questions which are bound to a particular period and time, but there are also timeless classics that are certain to stroll … More Growing in Assurance
I Resolve to Pray
The New Year’s resolution game can sometimes profit a person, but I don’t put much stock into it. I have found that people often need to be at a place of desperation before they are willing to change. There has to be the recognition that what is going on must not be allowed to continue. … More I Resolve to Pray
7 Reasons to be at Church on Christmas
I know that there are many churches that are not having public worship on Christmas Day. There are many reasons given as to why this is good. I’d like to provide seven counter-reasons why Christmas Day doesn’t diminish public worship, but rather promotes it. 1) God Commands His people to Public Worship – Whether we … More 7 Reasons to be at Church on Christmas
Joy to the World
In our children’s Sunday school class, I have recently been teaching on the Fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5: 22-23), namely that these are not just external behaviors or tasks to accomplish. Instead, these are evidenced of the Holy Spirit within us that change the foundation of who we are. It is that of the … More Joy to the World
Read. Sing. Pray.
One of the foundational elements in our home is family worship. Now this idea is not new to us in any way. In fact, it was the common practice for many Christians for generations. Family worship does not involve the act of worshiping one’s family but of worshiping God with one’s family. This means that … More Read. Sing. Pray.
An Advent Story
As a child, I loved the classic Christmas movies. Do you remember them as well? We had “Charlie Brown” and “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.” We had “The Grinch” and “A Christmas Story.” These stories were so often in rotation that it would almost feel wrong if we didn’t see them at Christmas time. What is … More An Advent Story
An Advantageous Advent
We have officially entered the season of Advent. But what does that mean? This word “advent” means “arrival,” or “coming.” Now the Advent season consists of the four Sundays before Christmas. During this period two crucial facts are remembered. First, that Jesus Christ has come. All the Old Testament pointed forward to this coming seed … More An Advantageous Advent
Still Thankful?
One of the regular practices in our church is to set apart a time each Lord’s Day to give thanks to God. Although I regularly compose my own prayers, I do love to utilize a broad spread of liturgical resources. One of my favorites is the English Book of Common Prayer. There we find a … More Still Thankful?
Contend for the Faith
One of the great thinkers in the history of the church was an African bishop named Augustine. In his infamous book “The Confessions” Augustine wrote this prayer, “Command [O God] what you will, and give what you command.”  What was this theological titan praying? Simply that God always provides what He commands from His people. … More Contend for the Faith
Love More
Our church has been considering the book of Jude these past few weeks. Jude is that penultimate book of the whole Bible. It is also often considered by some as “the most neglected book of the New Testament.” Jude is a theological powerhouse for sure, and a simple read through of the one-paged wonder shows … More Love More
Jonathan Edwards and Discipleship
My son is named after one of my theological heroes: Jonathan Edwards. Now Edwards served God’s people as a pastor in New England in the early 1700s. Through his preaching and writing ministry, many individuals not only were converted to Christianity, but also were encouraged to pursue careers as pastors and missionaries. This time of … More Jonathan Edwards and Discipleship
O Unworthy One, Christ Draws Near!
My family and I recently had the opportunity to read the Bible together with another family who joined us for a meal. On this particular evening we chose Mark 1:1-13. In this section we read about the unique ministry of John the Baptist as the forerunner of the Lord Jesus Christ. Typically, after reading the … More O Unworthy One, Christ Draws Near!
God’s Two Books
Do you know that God can speak to us through the beauty of His creation? There is not an audible voice, nor a still small voice. But as we marvel and look out, we can enjoy and recognize the fingerprints of God. Where do we see them? We can find them in the hues of … More God’s Two Books
The Necessity of Christian Friendship
Do you remember your childhood best friend? I transferred to a different school when I was in 7th grade and soon realized how different my new world was. If you’ve ever had to move like that, then you know how overwhelming, or even slightly scary, that can all be. One of the things that made … More The Necessity of Christian Friendship
The Purpose of Marriage
Marriage. The God-given ordination of the union of one man and one woman for the rest of their lives till death do us part. That is already a rather controversial statement. But even for the Bible believing Christians who can agree on that, the purpose of marriage can be a little murky. What is the … More The Purpose of Marriage
Pray For Your Heart
Did you know that the Apostles made prayer requests? At the tail end of Paul’s letter to the Ephesians he included a prayer request for himself.  Now this may surprise us because so often we think of prayer requests as something we do. We see prayer requests arise whenever there is a natural disaster, like … More Pray For Your Heart
Evangelism in the Age of Technology
In several respects, evangelism is different than any other Christian practice. It entails intentionally speaking to a lost person about Jesus. Although our behavior should be consistent with the gospel we are sharing, evangelism is still that—sharing the good news that Christ died for sinners and calling a person to repent and believe the message. … More Evangelism in the Age of Technology
Pray By the Spirit
The English puritan, John Owen, once wrote, “[The Holy Spirit] disposes the hearts of men to pray and enables them so to do.” (Works, 4:260) We may fail to realize this sometimes but the entirety of our spiritual life as Christians is rooted in the person and work of the Holy Spirit. What exactly does … More Pray By the Spirit
Van Til: The Bible Speaks
One of my favorite theologians is Cornelius Van Til. He was a philosopher, apologist, and professor at Westminster Theological Seminary for 43 years. His approach to defending the faith was rather unique and still causes polar responses. But one of his most helpful comments assists us today. Van Til wrote “The Bible is thought of … More Van Til: The Bible Speaks
Worshiping in the Waiting
When was the last time you had to wait for something great? We wait for packages in the mail. Kids wait for birthdays and Christmas. Adults wait for visits and calls. We all know what it's like to wait. Simply put, it's the worst. There’s not a fiber in our being that is typically excited … More Worshiping in the Waiting
The Return of the King
Have you ever read “The Lord of the Rings” by J. R. R. Tolkien? If you’ve not read it, then you are missing out on one of the greatest stories written in the last hundred years. Tolkien’s world-building and characters have enchanted generations of readers, young and old alike. I know that for myself, I … More The Return of the King
Wisdom for Life
Have you ever found yourself overwhelmed? You had a situation or a problem before you and you weren’t sure what to do next. You’ve got to make some decision that has immediate consequences, for better or worse, and you’re not quite sure which is best. Life is full of these sorts of moments. How much … More Wisdom for Life
His Righteousness Alone
What does it look like to be a righteous person? The word “righteousness” appears nearly a hundred times in the New Testament. Its emphasis is typically focused on the ideas of justice, rightness, and fairness. The ancient philosopher Aristotle described righteousness as “uprightness [consisting] of that which is lawful and fair” (EN 5, 1, 8, … More His Righteousness Alone
The Sweetness of the Psalms
There are few books as cherished as the book of Psalms. Though originally penned for a Jewish audience this little book has come to comfort the hearts of Christians all over the globe. Whether we consider the majesty of Psalm 19 and the recognition that all of existence displays God’s glory, or the sweetness of … More The Sweetness of the Psalms
We Need the Truth
Every Christian is called by God to love the truth. We are not simply called to love true things such as 2+2=4 or that the sun produces light, or that the grass is green because they exist as such. We are called to love the truth because every fact exists as God’s truth realized. When … More We Need the Truth
Passing Down the Mantle: Elisha
There is nothing quite as wonderful as your favorite teams. You may think of your favorite teams from old TV shows, or movies, or even books. Whether its Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Batman and Robin, or any other, teams somehow have a way of making an already good story great. The Bible has … More Passing Down the Mantle: Elisha
A Hopeless Prophet: Elijah
The Bible is full of great stories of good and evil. Now if there was ever a time of darkness in the land of Israel it was certainly in the days of Elijah. The king, Ahab, and the queen, Jezebel, were as atrocious as they were loathsome. They were proper villains. But in the midst … More A Hopeless Prophet: Elijah
Work as Worship
What do you think is the worst possible job? We all have our assumptions of what would be a sort of living death for us. If you are a free spirit, perhaps an ordinary 9-5 office job would be your undoing. If you are a bit more system-oriented, perhaps an unending series of unknowns and … More Work as Worship
Prophets, Preachers, and Pretenders
The Bible is God’s Word. But the Bible did not merely fall out of heaven in a beautiful top grain leather cover. As the book of Hebrews reminds us “Long ago, at many times and in many ways, God spoke to our fathers by the prophets” (Heb. 1:1). God has chosen to slowly reveal Himself … More Prophets, Preachers, and Pretenders
The Sudden Disappearance of the Prayer Meeting
The church stands upon the pillars of the Word, the Sacraments, and prayer. This is at least true for those building off the Reformed or Presbyterian tradition. We have always needed God’s Word to guide and lead us. We have always needed the sacraments to strengthen us and visibly demonstrate the Gospel. But is prayer … More The Sudden Disappearance of the Prayer Meeting
A Pastoral Letter Concerning Roe v. Wade
On June 24, 2022 the Supreme Court of the Unites States voted to overturn Roe v. Wade, a classic case which established a national precedent for abortion. With such an unexpected turn of events, no lack of opinions and responses have arisen, both in celebration and dissent. What follows below then is a Christian response … More A Pastoral Letter Concerning Roe v. Wade
You Can’t Run Forever
One of the great marks of our present world is procrastination. Usually, the idea goes something like this: “Why do today what I could do tomorrow?” It’s fascinating if you think about it. We exist in a world devoured by instantaneous gratification while simultaneously being devoted to the perpetual act of putting things off. As … More You Can’t Run Forever
Rehoboam: The Scorpion King
There’s nothing quite as important as a first impression. Now depending on the personalities involved, you may be able to recover to some degree, but first impressions are rarely forgotten. In the Scriptures, we find that one of Rehoboam’s first acts as king (insofar as the Bible records for us) was an absolute train wreck. … More Rehoboam: The Scorpion King
Useless Worship: Jeroboam
There are few men who typify failure in our world. Who are the ideal failures in yours? They may be failed coaches. They could be moral failures, both in politics and even the church. Who comes to mind when you think “utter failure”? Scripture contains the limited biographies of countless men and women. Each individual … More Useless Worship: Jeroboam
When You Forget God
The Bible is full of so many rich stories. In fact, one of the first things that we teach new believers and children are the great stories of the Bible. Here we might consider the story of Creation, or the Exodus, or even Joshua and the fall of Jericho. I’d like to look at one … More When You Forget God
You’ve Got a Friend In …
Who is your best friend? What is it about them that makes you want to be with them? As children, there is very little discernment behind the process of attaining new friends. The process seems to go like this “Hey, you are a person. Do you want to be my best friend?” And there it … More You’ve Got a Friend In …
The Temple of Solomon
In all of Scripture, save the Lord Jesus Christ, no other person is the embodiment of wisdom quite like Solomon. His reign brought unprecedented wealth into the land of Israel while his people increased in number (1 Kings 4:20). He stands as author to some of the richest literature of the Old Testament including Psalm … More The Temple of Solomon
David’s Covenant
Though the nation of Israel produced many kings, there was never a king quite like David. David was the original renaissance man: master warrior, premier strategist, musical virtuoso, leading administrator, etc. However, it was during one of his most altruistic of moments in devotion unto God that God in return poured out His blessings upon … More David’s Covenant
A Recipe for Forgiveness
Have you ever made a really great dish and been super proud of it? Have you ever made what you thought was going to be a really great dish only to have it be a total flop?   You may be familiar with the show on Food Network called "Chopped". In the show, they give … More A Recipe for Forgiveness
Suffering Saints
There are few mysteries as confounding as that of suffering. We encounter it regularly. Whether it be the natural sort, by means of sickness or bodily pain, or even the more sinister sort when we consider the atrocities people commit willingly against one another. Suffering seems to be as common as birds of the air, … More Suffering Saints
Eastertide’s Didactic Function
How was your Easter? I know for us, it was a time of great celebration. We gathered as the people of God to consider Christ’s glorious resurrection and all which it entailed. As a congregation, we proclaimed together that historic responsive declaration: “Alleluia! Christ is risen! The Lord is risen indeed! Alleluia!” We make so … More Eastertide’s Didactic Function
The Centrality of Easter
This Sunday, nearly every church around the world will focus on the most important doctrine of the Christian faith: the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. Now for many, Easter Sunday will be just another day. This is not unusual seeing how the majority of humanity went about in a “business as usual” sort of … More The Centrality of Easter
The King Who Sang
There are few figures in Scripture as notable as David. Even today, people unfamiliar with the Scriptures as a whole have at least heard that phrase, “The LORD is my shepherd…” (Psalm 23:1). David was a prolific song writer and the Psalms are one of the church’s greatest heirlooms. Even more than a simple musician … More The King Who Sang
Exemplary Cowardice: King Saul
The book of Samuel is a real treasure to the church. There is something marvelous about the intentionality behind the storytelling in this book. But even more than the literary value of 1-2 Samuel, we find as well, the history of God’s people, and their wicked desire for a king. On paper, Saul was the … More Exemplary Cowardice: King Saul
Call a Spade a Spade
Much of the New Testament conveys the Lord Jesus Christ through the imagery of light contrasted with darkness. We find this image in the Gospels as Old Testament prophecies find their fulfillment in the coming of the Son of Righteousness (cf. Matthew 4:16). Even as an infant, Simeon spoke of Christ at the Temple in … More Call a Spade a Spade
Destined to Rule
One of my favorite things about the Bible is that it is a book full of stories. God could have simply made the entirety of His work a rule book (as people often presume it to be). Instead, He chose to teach us about Himself by means of stories. In the Scriptures, we hear stories … More Destined to Rule
Job, the Suffering Servant
I’ve never been a fan of movies that are meant to make you cry. I understand that there are many genres and that all of them have a particular audience in mind, but I never could understand why anyone would purposefully do that to themselves. I know that life is not a constant comedy. Things … More Job, the Suffering Servant
The Legacy of Grace
One of my favorite things about the Bible is that there is no lack of amazing stories. One of the great gems of the Old Testament is the story of Ruth. Now this story comes to us in the midst of one of Israel’s darkest moments. The very first verse of the very first chapter … More The Legacy of Grace
As Beloved Children
If you would have asked me when I was a young boy what I was going to be when I grew up my answer was simple: I was going to play baseball for the New York Yankees. As a kid, I committed myself to observing everything they did. I knew how each player stood at … More As Beloved Children
Worship in Eternity
One of the great pieces of wisdom I’ve received in my short life has been “Begin with the end in mind.” Now this wisdom isn’t limited merely to the realm of church matters. This idea bleeds over into every sphere, whether it’s your family, or your business, or your home, or even dealing with people … More Worship in Eternity
A Sober Look at Hell
When was the last time you had to have a hard conversation with someone you loved? Maybe you found yourself torn because you didn’t know what to say or you didn’t want to be misunderstood. At the same time you knew that silence was not an option because then you would be failing to be … More A Sober Look at Hell
To Heaven With You
What does a vacation look like for you? Isn’t it remarkable that so many of us can have an ideal concept of a vacation and no two are the same. For example, I have some family whose ideal vacation involves being firmly planted on the beach. I, on the other hand, would much prefer a … More To Heaven With You
Life On His Terms
Do you remember the old children’s game “Simon Says”? As kids we loved playing this simple game which teaches every participant that sometimes the only way to play is to carefully follow the leader. You can, of course, disregard the leader, but then you are no longer playing the game. I want you to consider … More Life On His Terms
What Happens When We Die?
Death is an obvious and regular reminder that our world is not the way it’s supposed to be. Whether it’s the simple death of a beautiful bouquet of flowers, the souring of a cup of milk, or the loss of a great friend - death is a constant intrusion into our worlds. As the saying … More What Happens When We Die?
What’s Your Compass?
Our church has been working through Paul’s letter to the Ephesians. This letter has always been a source of great comfort to me. Ephesians, as a book, can be divided in several ways. However, there is a clear division from Ephesians 4:17 forward. From there on, the Apostle makes plain what is so often denied … More What’s Your Compass?
God’s Hand is Limitless
One of the great comforts of the Christian faith is that God is intimately involved with His creation. In addition to being comforting, such a statement may be one of the most contested features of the Christian faith. Why is that the case? It unapologetically proclaims that every human exists first and foremost as a … More God’s Hand is Limitless
Which Way Are You Going?
In the early years of the church, the Christian faith was simply called, “The Way”. The name may have come from the words of the Lord Jesus, “I am THE WAY, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me” (John 14:6 ESV). The Way was most basically the … More Which Way Are You Going?
A Living Faith
When was the last time you experienced something that was quite demanding? I recently had the joy of observing one of my children play basketball. Now the sport itself is rather demanding. You have to maneuver just the right way. You have to handle the ball just the right way. There are indeed rules that … More A Living Faith
Oh How I Love Your Law!
Our lives from beginning to end consist of an endless stream of questions. As children, we assault our parents with questions like, “What does this do?” or “Are we there yet?” As adults the questions continue, but ranger from the mundane (“What should we watch tonight?”) to the serious (“How am I supposed to provide … More Oh How I Love Your Law!
We All Gotta Eat
The very first day after Thanksgiving is often called “Black Friday”. On this day, businesses hope to make some wonderful sales, buyers are hoping to get in on some great deal, and overall people welcome the Christmas season with gifts galore. Do you know that the Bible speaks about Christ giving us gifts? The Apostle … More We All Gotta Eat
Must We Pray?
Have you ever though to yourself: Why is prayer necessary? The God of the Bible is omniscient, meaning He knows all things. He knows what we are going to say before we say it. Our hearts are an open book before Him. If so, why then do we pray? Some individuals, whether they are well-intentioned … More Must We Pray?
Pouring Out Your Heart
In the Psalter, David once wrote, “Trust in Him [that is God] at all times, O people; pour out your heart before him; God is a refuge for us.” (Psalm 62:8 ESV). This verse of Scripture invites us to act in two distinct ways: 1) Trust in God always; 2) Pour out your heart before … More Pouring Out Your Heart
Christ’s Supper Our Strength
There are many differences in the churches that exist today. But one thing that is common of all Christian churches is that they partake of the Lord’s Supper. Churches may disagree as to whether this sacrament is enjoyed once a week, or once a month, or once a year or even if they’ll use wine … More Christ’s Supper Our Strength
The Prayers of John Knox
I’m a sucker for a good underdog story. Whether it’s the fact that we like to see the little guy win from time to time, or maybe we feel overwhelmed in our own worlds and wish we could come out on top - there’s nothing like it. As we prepare to celebrate another Reformation Sunday … More The Prayers of John Knox
But He is Strong
One of the great needs in our world today is prayer. We recognize it when we observe that our world is not as it should be. But is prayer only supposed to be this reflexive and defensive mechanism? For some, prayer is chiefly to be used for when things go wrong. We think about praying … More But He is Strong
Washed and Welcomed
One of my first memories as a pastor was baptizing my infant son. I remember how special that moment was as I held him in my arms and poured the water over his head. Now I was raised a Baptist, and in many ways the baptism of my son was a clear break with that … More Washed and Welcomed
Sacramental Saints
The Lord Jesus Christ came to deliver the good news of God’s marvelous grace. Matthew’s Gospel captures the inception of Jesus’ ministry in His proclamation, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” (Matthew 4:17 ESV) This message was proclaimed from boats and plains. It was preached from synagogues and the Temple. But by … More Sacramental Saints
A “Traditional” Church
I love that we worship in a traditional church. There are all sorts of churches out there. There are churches where you sit down to be entertained. There are churches which simulate a club or sporting event feel. There are churches which seem indistinguishable from the non-believing world around it, both in ideas and practice. … More A “Traditional” Church
How Do Christians Grow?
How do you grow as a Christian? So often today we find people wanting to advance in their education or career, they want to improve their diets and their physique, but how often do we find individuals who want to improve their walk with the Lord? The Bible teaches us that if we are calling … More How Do Christians Grow?
A Work in Progress
The Christian life is defined in many ways. How you would explain the difference between a Christian life and non-Christian life? Both sorts of people have jobs. Both have the capacity to do good in their communities. Both sorts go on vacations, pursue education, seek after job promotions, and the like. There are many areas … More A Work in Progress
Can God Forgive Me?
There is no teaching as influential to the historic Protestant church as justification. English Puritan Thomas Watson (AD 1620-1686) spoke of the doctrine of justification in this way, “Justification is the very hinge and pillar of Christianity.” In other words, to err on this point is to miss the very heart of the Christian faith. … More Can God Forgive Me?
Fighting for Hope
One of the great tools of the church are her prayerbooks. This comes as no surprise as the Bible itself contains the Book of Psalms: a book that may be described as much a hymnal as a prayerbook. Prayerbooks are collections of prayers written by various saints throughout history. They are valuable for a host … More Fighting for Hope
Spiritus Sanctus
Are there any foundational components to the Christian faith? Certainly, there are mysteries that still cause many a theologian to scratch his head, but there are also basic and elementary teachings that are fundamental to the faith. One of those teachings is on the person and work of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit has … More Spiritus Sanctus
Our King Rides the Clouds
When we think of the work of the Lord Jesus we may often consider His teaching or miracles. You may be drawn to think of His stilling of the storm. Maybe it's His feeding of the 5,000. Perhaps you even consider His resurrection. Rarely however does the Ascension of Christ receive such prominence. If it … More Our King Rides the Clouds
When Death Blinked
The Apostle Peter preached the very first sermon on the Resurrection of Christ. Ironically, it was not on Easter, but on Pentecost. There, before the crowd that assembled, Peter proclaimed these words concerning Jesus of Nazareth, “God raised him up, loosing the pangs of death, because it was not possible for him to be held … More When Death Blinked
A Father’s Love
One of the great joys of life is feeling useful. Whether it’s feeling as if you make a difference at work, or with friends and family, there’s something wonderful about a sense of accomplishment. I am a father of small children, and one of the ways I’ve been called to be useful is by caring … More A Father’s Love
He Had to Die
The ancient philosopher Aristotle once wrote, “By nature, all men long to know.” There is an inherent curiosity hardwired into our human nature. We want to know more. Our pursuits are boundless and are often ignited by that three-letter word “why”. Our instinctual curiosity does not dissipate when we come across the Bible. There are … More He Had to Die
Vacation Blues
My family and I recently went on a vacation. As with most vacations, there is a wealth of planning put into place. You have to have a destination. You have to prepare some means of transportation. Depending on the pathology of the individual, you may want a light itinerary or excessive one; I’ll leave you … More Vacation Blues
Christ or Nothing
The Christian faith is chiefly concerned with the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ. Such a sentence seems too plain to have to utter. However, Jude found it necessary to remind the saints for all time “to contend for the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints.” (Jude 3) The … More Christ or Nothing
You Are Not God
There are more often than not mixed feelings when we hear about Christ as Lord, then if we had mentioned Christ as Savior. Even nowadays, the mention of Christ as Savior has grown in offense because of its necessary implication that individuals need to be saved from something or someone (which they do). But the … More You Are Not God
Eating Disorders: The Secret Struggle
The other day, as I was organizing hair ties, clips, and accessories into a color coordinated box, I was struck by the idea that I am a girl mom. Evelyn, Tonya, and Renee (six years old, three years old, and ten months old respectively) have entangled my world with curly hair, nail polish, and shoes … More Eating Disorders: The Secret Struggle
Rain or Shine
I always love this time of year because my strawberries are ripe for the harvesting. That may be an understatement, because we are swimming in strawberries. I love my garden and seeing it bloom, and bring forth delightful treats for my family. Although my wife and I are now enjoying the fruit of our labors … More Rain or Shine
Sola Fidei
Faith lies at the heart of the Christian message. But what is it? Does it have any content? How should we express it? I have found in my limited experience that discussions concerning faith can lead to very interesting places depending upon whom you are speaking. For Christians, faith is an essential component. A faithless … More Sola Fidei
Devoted to Christ’s Church
Do you know that pastors need to hear good sermons too? One of the great joys of my life is an annual pastor’s conference with the Banner of Truth Trust. I sat in in on some wonderful sessions that honed in on a simple theme: Devoted to Christ’s Church. I’d like for us to consider … More Devoted to Christ’s Church
Ancient Solutions Required
As a pastor, I am regularly asked about the Bible. Questions can range from “Where in the Bible does it talk about church membership?” or “What does the Bible have to say about the end of the world?” There are many great questions, and the Bible is ready to answer them. Though there are many … More Ancient Solutions Required
Sin is Always Costly
There are many things in our world that have penalties. At the present I am suffering the penalty for loving more chocolate than I ought. We find penalties for poor diets. We find penalties for failing to recognize the limits of our bodies, perhaps after too much lawn work. Maybe we’ve learned about penalties because … More Sin is Always Costly
Paradise Reclaimed
In the book of Genesis, we read about the first instance of evil committed by humanity. Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden and they bought into the lie of the serpent which was that God never had their best interests in mind. The lie told was that they could elevate themselves to … More Paradise Reclaimed
Relational Dissonance
Any genuine consideration of the text of the Bible inevitably has to consider the notion of sin. Depending on your translation the word “sin” occurs over 750 times. But we cannot mistake an awareness of a word with its comprehension. There are various words and terms in our own world that we encounter regularly and … More Relational Dissonance
When It Feels Like Sinking
I could see the suffering on her face every time I looked at her over the last few months. Yet she couldn’t hide her surprise when I asked her out for coffee to interview her for a class paper on the topic of suffering. The relative comfort Samantha has enjoyed since her escape from the … More When It Feels Like Sinking
Spiritually Dead
From the autumn of 1618 to late spring in 1619, an assembly of godly pastor-theologians met in a city of the Netherlands called Dordrecht (or Dort for short). This synod, or assembly, was truly international having eight countries present and involving nearly 100 delegates. They assembled to settle a dispute about the nature of salvation, … More Spiritually Dead
Immunity to Shame
I’m not a visual person. I couldn’t accurately describe my baby’s face or my wedding dress to a sketch artist. But as I consider shame and guilt in my own life, my mind’s eye can recall in vivid detail the ground or carpet present in those memories. It wasn’t until I sat down with Laura … More Immunity to Shame
What Does God Require?
One of the central teachings of the Christian faith is that God is holy. We are reminded in Isaiah 6:3 that God is not merely holy but is “Holy, holy, holy.” The holiness of God is a demonstration of His transcendence and purity. We are drawn to consider in the holiness of God that He … More What Does God Require?
Who Are You, God?
When we consider the God of the Bible what words come to your mind? I’m always amazed at the various ways people use to describe God. They often use words like “big” or “powerful” if they are sympathetic with the God of the Bible. However, I’ve also heard those who’ve been less than sympathetic with … More Who Are You, God?
No Trinity, No Christianity
There is no mystery as grand as that of the Holy Trinity. It is indeed a holy mystery. What does that mean though? In our world, mysteries are that which can be understood given sufficient time and thought. Mysteries in our world need patience and diligence but can eventually be found out and unveiled by … More No Trinity, No Christianity
The Eternal God
One of the most remarkable things about the Bible is that when we examine it we find no defense for the existence of God. Isn’t that interesting? Instead, as we crack open the book and read, we are invited, from the outset, to see this God at work, “In the beginning, God created the heavens … More The Eternal God
Why Do We Exist?
The book of Ecclesiastes is a fascinating book. It is full of rich imagery, quotable sections, and is overall a wise sage’s reflection on life. This sage, known as “The Preacher” hopes to impart wisdom to his listeners. He speaks of the timeliness of all of life’s various moments. He warns against vanity and riches. … More Why Do We Exist?
No Lone Wolves
What have we learned throughout the pandemic? One of the common trends is that, while quarantined, many of us picked up some new skills. Some individuals have turned to baking and sourdough ad nauseam. Others have turned to the arts - whether they be crafting, painting, or even music. One other thing that has been … More No Lone Wolves
God is Just
Lately, I have been reading through the Old Testament prophet Jeremiah. Jeremiah is a tremendous book full of God’s righteous wrath against sin, and His remarkable covenant mercy. If you’ve never read through this work before you are missing out on a classic. Jeremiah’s discusses many subjects, but especially addresses why Jerusalem was destroyed. We … More God is Just
You Are a Theologian
One of the great joys of my life is opening up a new book. I especially love reading books about theology. Theology, as a word itself, may cause vastly different responses. Perhaps it may elicit indifference, or disdain. Perhaps joy and excitement. Perhaps confusion. Perhaps horror. What is theology? Depending upon whom you ask you … More You Are a Theologian
Grace and Justice
One of my favorite things about God is that He is gracious. In fact, God reveals Himself to Moses as One who is “merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness…” (Exodus 34:6 ESV) I don’t know about you, but I need to know more about these things. I think … More Grace and Justice
Glorify and Enjoy
One of my favorite books is the Westminster Shorter Catechism. It is a teaching tool birthed in the midst of the English civil war. Penned by an assembly of pastor-theologians in the 1640s this little book has stood the test of time as a sure guide for those interested in growing in their knowledge and … More Glorify and Enjoy
The Supremacy of the Word
The great need of our world today is godly preaching. We can look out and see every form of disarray before us. We can turn on our televisions and see it. We can turn our radios and hear it. Our world is smoldering at a steady pace. However, my claim remains the same: the great … More The Supremacy of the Word
Prayers For Our Country
One of my favorite tools in my study is a little black book that belonged to one of my predecessors. It’s a rather ordinary little book that has certainly been through the wringer. However, its appearance ought not to be assumed equivalent with its value. It is a prayer book of the American Anglican tradition … More Prayers For Our Country
Why Don’t Christians Evangelize?
A Guest Blog by By Rev. Daniel Stegeman, Pastor of Pine Glen Alliance Church in Lewistown, PA A few weeks ago, my good friend gave me a call. I have gotten to know this friend (also named Daniel) over the past couple years and he is not a believer. Daniel had some biblical and theological … More Why Don’t Christians Evangelize?
Have Ye Any Cheer Left?
Just this past week I was grabbing groceries for my family. While I was checking out, the individual working the register saw our church’s logo on my vest, and asked if I was involved with the church. I introduced myself as the pastor. This person then walked closer and said very seriously, “May I ask … More Have Ye Any Cheer Left?
I Was Just Thinking . . .
Years ago my wife and I were obsessed with a sitcom called “Everybody Loves Raymond.” The show is in many ways a modern classic, and you likely are aware of it. In one of the earlier episodes the retired curmudgeon, Frank Barone, finds new life as he embraces a “career” as a writer. The end … More I Was Just Thinking . . .
Look Beyond the Suffering
As a prophet, Jesus reveals to us the will of God for our salvation. In the Parable of the Weeds (Matt. 13:24-30, 36-43), Jesus helps us make sense of His sometimes-cryptic language found throughout His parables. We know that the Lord Jesus often employed parables, or visual stories with one big idea, to teach. In … More Look Beyond the Suffering
Dread Breeds Doxology
When we look at Psalm 77, we behold a man brought to the deepest point of his despair. Perhaps we wouldn’t expect that sort of thing in the Bible, because so often we are told that Christians are always happy. But if you are living soul then you know that such an idea is a … More Dread Breeds Doxology
With Heart and Mouth
God is absolutely jealous for His people. He isn't jealous like a little boy is jealous for his favorite book. God is jealous for His people and their affection and adoration, as a faithful husband is jealous for the affections of His wife. In John 4:21-24, Jesus spells out rather clearly the sort of worship … More With Heart and Mouth
Where Are You Headed?
The Lord Jesus Christ said, “Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few.” (Matt. 7:13-14 … More Where Are You Headed?
Jesus Doesn’t Depend on You
Have you ever had the pleasure of watching a child learn to ride their bike? My little girl has become an expert - or so she thinks. She spent one afternoon this week zooming in front of the house. Like every other child, she did not start out as a bicycling master. There were scrapes … More Jesus Doesn’t Depend on You
We Have a King
For much of Jesus’ public ministry, He withdrew Himself from the crowds. Indeed, He kept much of His work veiled. Bible teachers have considered the various reasons why He did this, but one of the central ideas was this: the people expected a militaristic national leader to lead them into a period of peace. Jesus … More We Have a King
The Final Word is God’s
Typically, Protestant churches utilize the Sunday nearest October 31st to consider the grace of God displayed in the Protestant Reformation of the 1500s. One of the great products of this momentous season in the church’s life was the translation of the Word of God into the languages of the people. This great work of translation … More The Final Word is God’s
Kids Need Worship Too
My family and I like to read through the Bible together. It has become a great habit of ours to read the Bible at the end of a meal, think about it aloud together, sing a hymn or psalm, and pray. This tradition is not unique to us, and is typically called “Family Worship.” Recently, … More Kids Need Worship Too
When to Join a Church
The Lord Jesus Christ shed His blood for the Church. As such, the Church is God’s means of transforming the world. But how do you know when you are ready to join a local church and unite yourself as a member? Provided below are some (and not all) the reasons why you might want to … More When to Join a Church
When to Leave a Church
In that past couple of weeks, I’ve encountered various stories of individuals whose churches have failed them. We might think of the public case of Bishop Bill Love of the Albany Diocese of the Episcopal Church. He was pronounced guilty for believing and acting on the idea that marriage, according to Scripture, involves one biological … More When to Leave a Church
A Family Prayer
Jesus wants His disciples to know how to pray. So often people struggle to pray because they think God demands a select vocabulary in order for prayer to be acceptable. But what Jesus wants His disciples to know is that prayer is between a person and the true God. Jesus desires for us to understand … More A Family Prayer
The Law of Christ is Compassionate
We undoubtedly live in a strange time. We live in such a period when it appears as if our present estate is doomed to change every morning. We have seen, in this week alone, the great upheaval of the norms of our society, whether you consider the arrest of two individuals at a Psalm-singing gather … More The Law of Christ is Compassionate
When Things Won’t Get Better
I have a friend whose husband is suffering from dementia. The older I get, the more aware I grow of how common this malady seems to be. As a pastor, I’ve encountered it before from former members who’ve gone on to be with the Lord. But this is the first time I’m walking together with … More When Things Won’t Get Better
Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit
One of the most controversial sayings in all the ministry of Christ was His teaching on the Holy Spirit in Matthew 12:31-32. Undoubtedly, this passage has caused many Christians to ponder their right standing with God. And though Paul encourages us to "work out your own salvation with fear and trembling" (Phil. 2:12 ESV), God … More Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit
The Last Will Be First
In Matthew 20:1-16, the Lord Jesus presents a parable that is still part of his response to the Apostle Peter’s question, “What then will we have ?” (Matt. 19:27 ESV) All of this is framed within the context of the rich young ruler who clung to his earthly comforts rather than to Christ. Now this … More The Last Will Be First
Lord, Have Mercy
Hymnals are such wonderful tools. In a simple book, we have a wealth of wisdom contained in song form. They can connect us to our family history as a Church. If they are designed appropriately, they reflect the theology and prayers of the people. One such hymn is “Amazing Grace” by puritan pastor John Newton. … More Lord, Have Mercy
Look Past the Stars
I am always amazed at the many things I can observe when I take my dog out in the evening. You can glimpse to your left and right and be amazed at how different your neighborhood looks in the darkness. You can listen carefully and hear every form of wildlife which buzzes and chirps in … More Look Past the Stars
John Murray: Claims for Truth
History is precious. Contrary to the famous quote by Henry Ford, history is not bunk, nor is history merely that which we make today. History is a living story. History is a river which ebbs and flows in the paths we ourselves will one day wander. We see in its paths the failures and success … More John Murray: Claims for Truth
By Faith Alone
Today you’d scarcely find a person outside of the church who believes that God punishes ordinary people for ordinary sins. In fact, the axiom that ‘nobody is perfect’ leads many to believe that if a God exits, He certainly isn’t going to demand perfection. Our good deeds will hopefully outweigh our bad deeds. Or if … More By Faith Alone
Can You Hear Me?
One of my favorite books in the New Testament is the book of Hebrews. In many ways it is one of the richest veins of Biblical-Theological truth in the New Testament. Hebrews teaches us how we ought to understand the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ. Its content is rich, but it is … More Can You Hear Me?
Should We Tithe?
As a child, my parents taught me to tithe. The word tithe simply means “tenth”. And so, I was trained to give God ten percent of what I earned because it all belongs to Him, and that this giving was an act of worship. My wife and I practice this, and we are training our … More Should We Tithe?
Love Like Your Heavenly Father
It's undeniable that children resemble their parents. Whether it's the color of their hair, their mannerisms, their temperaments or even something as simple as their smile. When we look at Jesus' words in Matthew 5:43-48, He showed us the big idea of His exposition on the Law: "You therefore must be perfect, as your heavenly … More Love Like Your Heavenly Father
Love Wholeheartedly
The Pharisees were no quitters. In their concern to maintain power and the status quo of the day, they constantly assaulted Christ. Every attempt to belittle the Lord Jesus had resulted in the Pharisees utter failure. Yet, their inability to walk away from spiritual debates with Christ led them to one more great exchange. The … More Love Wholeheartedly
Judge Me
Jesus desires for none of His disciples to be hypocrites. Jesus in the latter portion of His Sermon on the Mount shifts His focus so that His disciples’ eyes can be opened to the nature of God, of His justice, our hidden sin, our hypocritical ways and the solution to it all. In what is … More Judge Me
Without Vision, the People Perish
When you enter our little church in the Central Pennsylvania countryside, the first thing you’ll notice is an old brown sign. These words are written in an old English font, “Where there is no vision, the people perish” (Proverbs 29:18). I remember being struck by the words when I first entered the building back in … More Without Vision, the People Perish
God is For Us
If someone asked you to show them what God's love looked like what would you do? We know that the love of God does not have a color. The love of God does not come in a boxed set. You cannot order it from a store. It is odorless, tasteless, and invisible to the naked … More God is For Us
Healed to Serve
As we look at Christ in Matthew 8:14-17, we find another unexpected miracle at the hand of Jesus. He had already done the unthinkable in touching and healing the leper, and then aiding a gentile centurion by healing his servant. Now the scene moves towards Christ entering the home of His disciple Peter. As we … More Healed to Serve
Peace In Repetitive Liturgy
If you have been watching the worship services for Christ Reformed Church while in quarantine or have read much of our literature, you have certainly noticed that we are a liturgical congregation. What you may not have known is that Pastor Angelo and I did NOT grow up in a setting of repetitive, printed liturgy … More Peace In Repetitive Liturgy
Ask, Seek, Knock
Have you ever been tempted to give up praying for someone or something? You had spent all this time and effort hoping and praying and it just seems as if God has put you on hold, so to speak. When we work through the Scriptures and drink in deep the living spring that is God's … More Ask, Seek, Knock
Dust to Dust
I have a garden. I didn't always love it. In fact, it was only a couple years ago that my wife and I truly began to try our hand at the green-thumbed task. We still have so much to learn, and have made many, many mistakes. But there is one thing I've grown to love, … More Dust to Dust
Sourdough Anyone?
One of my favorite things about the Bible is that God so regularly uses the ordinary images in our world to teach us great lessons. Whether its a prophet in the Old Testament ripping up a new robe to teach an object lesson to a king-to-be, or even the Lord Jesus Christ who so regularly … More Sourdough Anyone?
What Are You Waiting For?
The book of Malachi is the very last book of our Old Testament. It's a rather short book, only four chapters, and yet thoroughly substantive in content. God and His perpetual covenant faithfulness is thrown into the spotlight, and is contrasted with the perpetual unfaithfulness of His people. God was actually wearied by His people! … More What Are You Waiting For?
Where’s God When I’m S-Scared?
If you were a Christian in the early 2000’s, you probably know right where this is going: Veggie Tales. (No shame if you were not or have no idea what I’m talking about. But not knowing about Veggie Tales in the church is like not knowing about the Simpson’s or Elvis Presley in Hollywood. Do … More Where’s God When I’m S-Scared?
Worship As a Family
Our children and grandchildren are precious gifts. As parents and grandparents, you may know that that children are not an indifferent matter. They need food, water, shelter, and clothes. But even more than that, a child needs to feel safe, to be loved, to know that they are heard. Just as we are comprised of … More Worship As a Family
An Open Letter to an Overwhelmed Parent
Dear overwhelmed parent, you are not alone. If your family is anything like mine, your extroverts are dying for social interaction and your introverts are energized and ready for people again, leaving everyone at each other’s throats. Days are long, nights are short, and everyone is always looking for a snack. If the kids aren’t … More An Open Letter to an Overwhelmed Parent
He is Risen Indeed
I have an obsessive personality. Depending on the subject, that may very helpful. As of recent I’ve returned to my love for guitar. However, one other obsession has been a prayerbook of the English Reformation called “The Book of Common Prayer” (1662). If you’ve never been acquainted with it, it’s a fascinating tool meant to … More He is Risen Indeed
Lord of the Sabbath
It is no coincidence that as soon as Matthew writes that Jesus promises rest to all who come to Him in chapter eleven, that the next passage deals with the Sabbath. The Sabbath institution was given to man as a gift in order to establish a regular rhythm of rest into their lives (cf. Gen. … More Lord of the Sabbath
And Now, We Wait
As I write these words, it’s a beautiful Spring afternoon. The sun is cutting through the trees, which are dancing with the wind. The birds are fluttering about and everything around seems ordinary. Yet somehow, “ordinary” is the very last word any of us would use to describe our present situations. We leave our homes … More And Now, We Wait
Ways to Grow While at Home
Stuck inside, and want to make the most of your time? Consider some of these options. Here are some recommendations courtesy of Messiah's Reformed Fellowship (URCNA). Communicate- Flip social distancing into distant socializing! Write letters to each other, especially to the older men and women of CRC Alexandria, and other members of other churches you … More Ways to Grow While at Home
The King is Still Near
Due to the extraordinary events surrounding the globe at this point in time, I’d like to direct your attention to one of the more famous stories of the life of Christ: the stilling of the storm. This story appears in 3 of the 4 Gospels. In each account, the very last words are spoken directly … More The King is Still Near
He Bears You Up
There is a mountain that I’ve often hunted on near my home. There is a beautiful trail near its peak. As you walk, if you are able to keep your chin up along the way, you can peer out over the horizon and see for miles on end. A year or so ago, my son … More He Bears You Up
Take Up Your Cross
One of the most dangerous invitations in the English language is “Follow me.” Why is that? In one sense, the usefulness of such an invitation is dependent upon the character or training of the person making it. The phrase “Follow Me” appears 23x in the New Testament. With one exception, every time the invitation comes … More Take Up Your Cross
Barren Tree, Bear Fruit!
In Matthew 21:18-22, the Lord Jesus comes upon the Temple and is quite busy. He cleansed the Temple with a whip in hand. He publicly embarrassed the chief priests and scribes who had forgotten the simple beauty of children praising God for His goodness. After a good night’s rest, the Lord Jesus was returning to … More Barren Tree, Bear Fruit!
You Are Not Hopeless
The great Protestant Reformer Martin Luther once said, “God can draw a straight line with a crooked stick.” Have you ever felt like a crooked stick? As if somehow your past prevents you from being used by God. Maybe you’ve even felt as if your past baggage continues to stand in the way of your … More You Are Not Hopeless
The Quest for Comfort
Everybody wants to be loved. Everybody wants to be accepted, to feel safe, to feel like they belong. Sadly however, people do not always find themselves in such situations, whether by their own doing or by their circumstances. In fact, life in many ways can be described as a quest for comfort. So often this … More The Quest for Comfort
I Am Not the Batman
For a very long time, Batman was my favorite superhero. As a kid, I idolized the Michael Keaton era Batman for all of his power, gadgets, and abilities. What six-year-old kid didn’t! However, as I grew older and continued my admiration for the Caped Crusader, I found a special affinity for the Batman of Christopher … More I Am Not the Batman
Rebels AND Saints
Far too often, life is taken for granted. Whether it be the simple joy of seeing the beauty of creation in the leaves dancing in the trees courtesy of the afternoon breeze, or the embrace of one we love. You and I have been given so many wonderful gifts by our God; both in everyday … More Rebels AND Saints
Worship Jesus
Jesus is a remarkable man. Whenever we follow Him through the Gospels we find the miraculous exuding from His presence. At this famous account we find another such miracle. In Matthew 14:22-36, the Lord Jesus reveals the extent of His lordship over creation. Matthew says, "Immediately He urged the disciples to embark on the boat … More Worship Jesus
God Comes Upon His Temple
As a child, I always loved newspapers. While I was a student in a Lutheran elementary school, I decided to try to begin a school newspaper. However, upon bringing this idea before my principal she recommended that I produce a proposal. Whether it was my primary school aged hubris or pure inability to imagine a … More God Comes Upon His Temple
Why Pastors
What is the job of a pastor? I’ve often heard the joke go around that it must be great to be a pastor because you only have to work one hour a week. Now there are shameful pastors who are in fact lazy, and will be held accountable to the Lord for everything they have … More Why Pastors
Thou Shalt Not Kill?
What is a Christian response to armed violence? Now that is a charged question for you! As the nation continues to divide itself over various moral issues, inevitably the question comes forward: How should a Christian respond? Normally these sort of ethical discussions are reserved for coffeeshops and pubs, Sunday school classrooms, and even pulpits … More Thou Shalt Not Kill?
Look at Yourself
Just this week I had the pleasure of speaking with a pastor friend of mine in India. We have been speaking and praying with each other for little over a year now. I cannot help but feel encouraged every time I have the privilege of speaking with him. Following our conversations, I am often reminded … More Look at Yourself
Mystery of Mysteries
The Bible, as THE BOOK of books, holds within its volumes the actions of God in creation. We learn much of God's actions with man, both in righteous wrath as well as, His merciful hand of redemption. But one particular doctrine has always been central to the church: the blessed Trinity. When we gather to … More Mystery of Mysteries
Give As You’ve Been Given
Jesus is concerned with how you respond when other's wrong you. We've all been in a situation where someone has wronged us in some way. Perhaps we've had a boss who lives to make our life unbearable, or maybe even a family member who loves to see us squirm. Whether in these situations or others, … More Give As You’ve Been Given
Don’t Abandon Each Other
In such an instant gratification society, it's easy to see why one of the greatest concerns in our day is missing out on something better. We live in a world where commitments are as fear inducing as rattling snake. The concern is always in limiting one's potential by being grounded somewhere, with someone or for … More Don’t Abandon Each Other
A Time of Testing
For many of us, we often see our lives as a flipbook of the mundane. Our schedules become repetitious, and thoroughly predictable. But in the midst of this string of the ordinary, God may come, and present to us a defining moment in our lives. A moment when our actions will have repercussions that may … More A Time of Testing
His Death is Your Life
Do you know that you need Jesus's death to reconcile you to God? Jesus said "the bread that I will give for the life of the world is My flesh." (John 6:51 ESV) Jesus Christ had to die in order to forgive our sins. Lighting a candle could not do it. Putting some money in … More His Death is Your Life
A Spiritual Feast
When was the last time a stunning pice of art caused to stop what you were doing and consider it? Art has this remarkable ability to draw us in, and consider something familiar from a new perspective. In many ways, the arts allow us to most reflect our Creator God in one of His most … More A Spiritual Feast
Admit Your Need
Have you ever met someone too proud to admit that they need help? I know this is something that I wrestle with. Why is it that none of us want to rely on other people? Ultimately, because we want to be God. This base rebellion is at the core of our desires towards sin; we … More Admit Your Need
Wealth or Wonder?
If you had the opportunity to travel anywhere in the world for free – would you do it? For many of us, such a trip isn’t often taken because of the reality of jobs or other responsibilities. There may even be health restrictions. But most likely, the main reason we are not avid globetrotters is … More Wealth or Wonder?
The Reformation and Sausages?
One of the joys of being a pastor who loves Church History is seeing patterns echoed throughout the life of the Church. There are wonderful examples of pastors who have cared for their sheep, praying for them when they wouldn’t pray for themselves, or when God, in spite of wicked pastors, comforted His people through … More The Reformation and Sausages?
The Myth of Hopelessness
What do you find to be the most relevant passage in the Bible for our world today? I guess that all depends on where you focus your eyes. We are all too often busy living as a modern-day Narcissus. Not in that sense of presuming our beauty to overwhelm every other creature in the valley, … More The Myth of Hopelessness
God’s Irresistible Grace
Do you remember that delightful thing called winter? I imagine many of you are already lamenting the cool breeze of autumn, and are hissing at the very thought of winter knocking on our doors. But I have to admit (the chagrin of many) that I love winter. And I especially love blizzards. I always enjoy … More God’s Irresistible Grace
The Dangerous End of the Merciless
One of my favorite functions on a computer is the “undo” function. Whether I find myself working on an email or even paper – mistakes always happen. Hours of effort can be saved by the push of a single button. Now I am quite found of older things. Truly I have a great love for … More The Dangerous End of the Merciless
Why Are You Called a Christian?
Our world is full of questions, most of which we find to be utterly trivial. But others are of such vital importance that their answers contain life-altering consequences. Some answers are the absolute highpoints in our lives, "It's a boy!" or "She said YES!". But others are far graver. Jesus put forward a question to … More Why Are You Called a Christian?
David’s Greater Son
In our world today, Jesus is often called many things; some positive, others far less than that. Some titles for Jesus include the great teacher, the Prophet, another good man, a social activist, etc. When we observe Matthew's Gospel in Matthew 9:27-31 a new name is cast upon him, one which has yet to be … More David’s Greater Son
Do You Know What Your Problem Is?
Jesus and the Pharisees rarely got along; understatement of the year, I know. But when two opposing ideas claim ultimacy, conflict can only ensue. Christ, as our great prophet, priest, and king, reveals to us all that God desires, and all that He has provided to His church. In exchange of Matthew 15:10-20 between Himself … More Do You Know What Your Problem Is?
When Home Isn’t Safe
For many of us, home comes in various shades and lights. Home may be a simple farm in an open field, or an urban city block where kids play handball. Whether or not your home was in the field or the city, home should be a place of joy and rest. Sadly however, this is … More When Home Isn’t Safe
Forgetful at Heart
Our memories are fickle things aren't they? Have you ever thought about what blessings they are? We take for granted the ordinary things: "I left my keys by the door," "I've already locked the door," etc. Indeed, there are tremendous lessons and experiences housed in the three pounds that dwell between our ears. We've all … More Forgetful at Heart
The Family of God
Jesus says many unexpected things throughout His earthly ministry. Without a doubt, if you've read through any of the four Gospels you've come across something Jesus said which has left you scratching your head; Matthew 12:46-50 is one such section. Jesus had been speaking to the crowds, teaching them about the Holy Spirit, Himself, and … More The Family of God
Grasping For Peace
One of the issues we regularly concern ourselves with in our world is that of anxiety. The very mention of the word can lead us toward a heart palpitation. There are very serious causes to consider when we wrestle through such matters. There may be truly vital issues at work to cause our distress, or … More Grasping For Peace
Certain Peril from Without
The year was 1415, in what was then Czechoslovakia on the 6th of July, a pastor was burned at the stake by the Church of Rome. His crime was declaring that the Scriptures alone have the inspired words of God, that no bishop on earth, nor any Church council could equal the authority vested in … More Certain Peril from Without
Spiritual Resilience
When I think about reading the Bible I often liken it to walking through a forest, full of varying trees and leaves. As you stroll through the wood you can enjoy both the particularities and as well as the wider views. Matthew 15:21-39 can best be enjoyed from a wide-eyed view because these three scenes … More Spiritual Resilience
Divine Simplicity
By guest blogger, Dr. Jeffrey Waddington. Dr. Waddington has been a close friend and mentor to Pastor Angelo Valle over the last few years. We appreciate his insight on one of the most important features of theology, God Himself. Perhaps you have not heard of the doctrine of divine simplicity. Or maybe you have heard … More Divine Simplicity
Pastoral Confessions
One of the most influential books in my life was written by a pastor in North Africa at the tail end of the fourth century. He was by all accounts the most influential pastor outside of the Apostle Paul. This pastor's name was Aurelius Augustine (A.D. 354-430). His work simply titled "Confessions" was his autobiographical … More Pastoral Confessions
Worship is a Family Affair
One of my earliest memories at church was seeing my father on his knees in a church pew praying before every service. Every week, he would enter our church sanctuary and then pray. I never forgot that image. He did not do this as a means of looking "holier than thou"; he did not do … More Worship is a Family Affair
Spiritual Forgetfulness
Have you ever found yourself looking for something only to forget what you were looking for? One issue I regularly wrestle with is remembering things. As any of my family or friends can remind you, rather quickly (and with far too hearty a nod) I am a forgetful individual. I regularly find myself walking out … More Spiritual Forgetfulness
Amen and Amen
Have you ever felt as if God was far off, and your life as a Christian seemed pointless? For some of us, there may be points in our lives where we believe that our present situations are too far gone for God to repair, to save, or even redeem. Here we see most clearly what … More Amen and Amen
Times of Testing
There are only a few certainties in this life. Those often highlighted are death and taxes. But if we look at Scripture seriously, and even our own experiences, we know that another certainty must be added to our former list: temptation. The Lord Jesus knows that the life of His disciples will not be easy … More Times of Testing
An Answer to Anxiety
The other night, my family and I got out a bit late from yet another church meeting. Perhaps occupational hazards for pastors’ kids. But the kids were great throughout the meeting and displayed the excitement and relief all the participants felt after the final dismissal. By the time we finished putting away the crayons and … More An Answer to Anxiety
Forgiven to Forgive
One of my favorite computer functions is the "undo" function. Whenever I'm in the middle of typing an email, or even an article like this, each time I make a mistake I'm grateful for the power of the "undo" function. The function has saved me countless hours of correcting mistakes. I can't imagine the headache … More Forgiven to Forgive
Our Neediness as a Gift
The people of Jesus' day were very familiar with the Old Testament. They knew about God’s miraculous acts for Israel while they wandered in the wilderness under Moses. During that 40-year period, God provided heavenly manna daily for His people. God strengthened them, and fed them from His hand every single day throughout their unexpected … More Our Neediness as a Gift
Your Will Be Done
Jesus, in His third petition of the Lord's prayer, teaches us to pray to God saying, "Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven." (Matthew 6:10). But what exactly does it mean to pray this? And why is Jesus having us pray in this way? As we look through the Scriptures, we … More Your Will Be Done
Kingdom Come
The book of Matthew has sometimes been called, "The Book of the Kingdom". Through it, we see so often in the forefront that the Lord Jesus is pre-occupied with the work of the Kingdom from beginning to end. But what is the Kingdom of God? And what are we praying for whenever we pray the … More Kingdom Come
Set God’s Name Apart
As we continue looking at the Lord's Prayer, we see the very first petition written by Christ in prayer is not what we would expect. We might expect that the first petition in prayer might be for world peace, or to abolish poverty, or for hunger to be conquered. And yet, though all those things … More Set God’s Name Apart
The Definition of Family
Today is Mother’s Day. Soon it will be Father’s Day. At some point it will be Grandparents Day. As I walk down the aisles at Walmart, I can’t help but think about people who may not have someone to send a card to, for one reason or another. I think of the someone who never … More The Definition of Family
Our Heavenly Father
Jesus wants His disciples to know how to pray. It is so often difficult for people to pray because they assume there is a select vocabulary to be used for prayer or that it can only be done by "religious people". But what Jesus wants His disciples to know is that prayer is not between … More Our Heavenly Father
Pray Like Christ
On a scale of one-to-ten, how would you rate your personal prayer life with the Lord? Are you regularly meeting with God to pray beyond the dinner plate? For the most part, Christians are excellent and fervent in prayer over breakfast, lunch, and dinner. As a child my favorite was, "God is great. God is … More Pray Like Christ
The Lord Will Provide
“Therefore, I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing?... But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things … More The Lord Will Provide
Healed to Serve
As we look at Christ in Matthew 8:14-17, we find another unexpected miracle at the hand of Jesus. He had already done the unthinkable in touching and healing the leper, and then aiding a gentile centurion by healing his servant. Now the scene moves towards Christ entering the home of His disciple, Peter. As we … More Healed to Serve
You Can’t Stop Now!
Have you ever been tempted to give up praying for someone or something? You had spent all this time and effort hoping and praying and it just seems as if God has put you on hold, so to speak. When we work through the Scriptures and bask in the living spring that is God's Word, … More You Can’t Stop Now!
The Honor Outweighs the Cost
When was the last time that you were seriously afraid? Your heart raced. Your mind began to play tricks on you. You were certain that the unthinkable was going to happen. Perhaps your great fear isn't found in a group of wandering microbes, but all of us struggle with fears and anxieties. Perhaps we fear … More The Honor Outweighs the Cost
Christ Our Prophet
Our world does not need a prophet to see the reality of chaos and pain. In seasons of uncertainty we seek out the wisdom of our loved ones, yet we know that their wisdom is still limited. Should we look to history or philosophy, we already know that the result will be the same. So, … More Christ Our Prophet
Christ Our King
As a kid, one of my favorite games was chess. Whether it was playing on the computer, with my cousin or some friends after school; I loved that game. Now the wonderful thing about this game is that whether your chess set is digital, made of wood, marble or whatever, the goal is always the … More Christ Our King
Christ Our Priest
One thing I love about kids is that there is not beating around the bush with them. Simply put, they tell it like it is. They may say "I'm hungry," or "This tastes bad," or "Why is he so ugly daddy?" and the like. We often like to think of ourselves as far more complicated … More Christ Our Priest
Post Tenebras Lux
Have you ever noticed that when people introduce themselves, the first thing to follow their name is quite often their occupation? And though there is nothing wrong with this particular practice, is the heart of our identity merely what we do? Is it true that who you are holds no weight on what you do? … More Post Tenebras Lux
God Cares For His People
When was the last time you had a great trip? Some of my favorite memories with my wife include our trips to visit family and friends. We have a young family, and so our adventures have gotten a tad bit more complicated. And as you can imagine, our adventures do not begin when we arrive … More God Cares For His People
Reverence and Awe
Water is something we take for granted every day isn't it? We are thirsty, so we open the fridge. If our hands get dirty, we wash them. For many of us, the warmth in our home comes by means of water rushing through pipes, creating the most annoying bits of racket, which of course causes … More Reverence and Awe
The Sabbath is for Singing
The Church has historically understood the centrality of the Lord's Day, Sunday, and the importance of setting it apart for public worship. Christians have most chiefly perceived such acts as the means of honoring the fourth commandment, which demands that Christian honor the Sabbath Day and keep it holy. But why ought we to sanctify the … More The Sabbath is for Singing
A Bloody Mess
There are few things as naturally alarming to a person as the sight of blood. You may find that even the idea of blood causes all sorts of reactions amongst people. For some, the idea of blood is inherently vile, causing stomachs to churn. In others, we find a relative indifference, whether it be due … More A Bloody Mess
A Battle Amongst the Gods
The ancient world is not as different as we like to pretend it is. People often err on one of two sides. They either overestimate the ancients by presuming them to be of a purer or greater stock than ourselves. Or they can err by thinking too little of them, presuming that our ability to … More A Battle Amongst the Gods
Be Gracious
Jesus is concerned with how you respond when other's wrong you. We've all been in a situation where someone has wronged us in some way. Perhaps we've had a boss who lives to make our life unbearable, or maybe even a family member who loves to see us squirm. Whether in these situations or others, … More Be Gracious
No Idols Measure Up
One of the Church's greatest voices in the 20th century was a professor at the Oxford; his name was C.S. Lewis. His most renowned work is called, 'Mere Christianity' where Lewis presents the Christian faith as the only intelligible option for the world; all else is utter foolishness. And it is within the context of … More No Idols Measure Up
Merry Day-After-Christmas
As a kid, I remember the distinct moment I realized that Christmas was over. There was the vague recollection that there was an immense month full of joy and anticipation, and then the glorious event itself. All the evidences of the joy of Christmas were still with me, bits of wrapping paper could still be … More Merry Day-After-Christmas
Faith Breeds New Action
As books go, Jonah has a wonderful conclusion rarely considered. I may indeed be getting ahead of myself, but it is not too much for me to assume that most people consider the poor estate of Jonah’s aquatic tales and fail to consider prophetic work thereafter. Ah, and there is that word “prophet” which has been … More Faith Breeds New Action
Hopeless for the Holidays
Every Christmas we are drawn into a flurry of emotions. We have the great highs of presents, and decorations. There are armies of Santas and parades ready to charm the hearts of children and adult alike, but sometimes it’s possible to feel as if we are in the belly of a fish at the bottom … More Hopeless for the Holidays
Worst. Prophet. Ever.
There are a few figures that often make it into children’s storybooks that baffle me. You have the classic story of God’s great wrath upon mankind in the story of Noah. I still don’t understand why the mass genocide of the earth in the tale of Noah regularly makes it into Little Timmy’s nursery. Another unexpected … More Worst. Prophet. Ever.
An Advantageous Advent
Have you ever heard of the axiom, “I am a Christian but I don’t go to church.” In many ways, this has replaced the Apostles Creed as the most fundamental creed for many individuals who classify themselves as Christians today. What are you supposed to say to that? People typically expect you to simply smile … More An Advantageous Advent
Thus Saith Pharaoh?
The Bible is full of all sorts of heroes. Often the apex of Old Testament figures is the prophet Moses. Certainly Moses was the greatest prophet of Old until the coming of Christ. Accompanied by his brother Aaron, and with the initial support of the elders of Israel, these two men came forward unto Pharaoh … More Thus Saith Pharaoh?
John Owen, Reformational Catholic

The history of the Christian Church can get rather complicated as you look across the ocean of traditions and faces. There are today so many sorts of camps and tribes even under the banner of Protestant and Reformed. But one figure stands out amongst his brethren as a helpful voice in service to Christ and … More John Owen, Reformational Catholic

What Rules You?

Jesus wants us to know one simple truth from Matthew 6:19-14: we need to re-orient our priorities. Jesus speaks of our treasure, our eye and our master in this passage. But these three seemingly unrelated illustrations all point towards the single reality that our greatest aim and desire in life must be to treasure, behold … More What Rules You?

Ulrich Zwingli Biography

I recently had the opportunity to read William Boekestein’s contribution to the bitesize biographies series focusing on protestant reformer, Ulrich Zwingli.

A Pentecost State of Mind
One of the joys of being a parent is learning to see the world again from a fresh perspective. I say “fresh” and not “new” because far too often we forget the wonder of what it was like to be a child. The beauty of a child’s perspective comes in this: they can build whole … More A Pentecost State of Mind
What Good is an Apostle?
When I was a kid my grandfather took me everywhere. He often took me to the park and out to eat. He even took me to this ancient relic called “Blockbuster” But of all the places he took me, my favorite was his garage. I need to preface. I grew up in New York City … More What Good is an Apostle?
Everybody Worships Something

Jesus loved to use stories. If you haven’t read one lately I encourage you to open up a Bible to Luke 12:13-21. There you find our Messiah utilizing a parable, or story meant to teach a central idea. We have a story about a fool. A rich fool steeped in the evidence of God, benefitting … More Everybody Worships Something

Murder Upon Their Lips
The King James Version of the Bible translates the sixth commandment as, "Thou shalt not kill." But as one looks through the Scriptures God seemingly commands His people to kill. Moses kills, Joshua kills and even King David kills. In light of the commandment and God's execution orders, is God an accomplice to sin? Or … More Murder Upon Their Lips
13 Sermons from 13 Reasons Why
I once heard it said that every piece of literature, every movie, every song, every show is preaching a sermon. The underlying message of every piece of media is sometimes close to the surface, while others are a little harder to see. Yet from the moment we scroll through our Facebook newsfeed or flip on … More 13 Sermons from 13 Reasons Why
Reformation Day Potluck Devotional
One of the joys of being a pastor who loves Church History is seeing patterns echoed throughout the life of the Church. Now there are wonderful examples of pastors who have cared for their sheep, praying for them when they wouldn’t pray for themselves, or when God, in spite of wicked pastors, comforted His people … More Reformation Day Potluck Devotional


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