How to be a Good Man

I recently had the pleasure of a phone call with a friend of mine who asked one of the most important questions: How can I teach my son to be a good man? This is a rich question to consider for so many reasons. For starters, we now live in a moment in time that … More How to be a Good Man

Foundations of Grace: Total Depravity

Our congregation is Presbyterian and Reformed. What does that mean? The words attached to our church buildings and congregations entail a particular tradition or set of beliefs. Every church has them whether they wish to admit them or not. Even the non-denominational church follows models of belief common among other non-denominational churches. What does it … More Foundations of Grace: Total Depravity

God’s Grace to Noah

I’ve never understood why the nurseries in churches so often highlight the story of Noah’s ark. If you are unaware of this story, it’s one of the most frightening displays of God’s raw power and justice in all of Scripture. In it we learn that the wickedness of humanity is so vast that the only … More God’s Grace to Noah

This is My Father’s World

The Bible begins with those classic words of Genesis 1:1, “In the beginning…” and from the outset its tone is different than what we might expect from a book of beginnings. When people begin books about God, so often they want to begin with a textbook description of His character and attributes. Another approach often … More This is My Father’s World