Growing in Assurance

As a pastor, I can tell you that we are so often the recipients of various questions. We are asked about current events, or our opinions on politics, or even controversies. There are some questions which are bound to a particular period and time, but there are also timeless classics that are certain to stroll … More Growing in Assurance

I Resolve to Pray

The New Year’s resolution game can sometimes profit a person, but I don’t put much stock into it. I have found that people often need to be at a place of desperation before they are willing to change. There has to be the recognition that what is going on must not be allowed to continue. … More I Resolve to Pray

Read. Sing. Pray.

One of the foundational elements in our home is family worship. Now this idea is not new to us in any way. In fact, it was the common practice for many Christians for generations. Family worship does not involve the act of worshiping one’s family but of worshiping God with one’s family. This means that … More Read. Sing. Pray.

An Advent Story

As a child, I loved the classic Christmas movies. Do you remember them as well? We had “Charlie Brown” and “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.” We had “The Grinch” and “A Christmas Story.” These stories were so often in rotation that it would almost feel wrong if we didn’t see them at Christmas time. What is … More An Advent Story

An Advantageous Advent

We have officially entered the season of Advent. But what does that mean? This word “advent” means “arrival,” or “coming.” Now the Advent season consists of the four Sundays before Christmas. During this period two crucial facts are remembered. First, that Jesus Christ has come. All the Old Testament pointed forward to this coming seed … More An Advantageous Advent

Still Thankful?

One of the regular practices in our church is to set apart a time each Lord’s Day to give thanks to God. Although I regularly compose my own prayers, I do love to utilize a broad spread of liturgical resources. One of my favorites is the English Book of Common Prayer. There we find a … More Still Thankful?

Contend for the Faith

One of the great thinkers in the history of the church was an African bishop named Augustine. In his infamous book “The Confessions” Augustine wrote this prayer, “Command [O God] what you will, and give what you command.”  What was this theological titan praying? Simply that God always provides what He commands from His people. … More Contend for the Faith