Jesus’ Mighty Acts

If you want to learn about someone, you have to find out what they love to do. Perhaps they love to work with their hands: carpentry, baking, and landscaping are common options. Maybe they are an artist who loves to paint portraits or even cars. Maybe they simply love puzzles. Our actions are quite often … More Jesus’ Mighty Acts

Planting Seeds, Not Weeds

Life in the garden. Have you ever noticed that the Bible is bookended with gardens? In Genesis 1, we find the creation of the world. God conquers the darkness and the void and births new life. He places in His beautiful garden trees, plants, animals, even people to enjoy this amazing space He has created. … More Planting Seeds, Not Weeds

How to Read the Psalms

How can we begin to consider the majesty and beauty contained in the Psalms? No book in human history has ever matched the emotional depth, wisdom, clarity, winsomeness and majesty as contained in these 150 psalms. The Book of Psalms is the original prayerbook, the original hymnal, and the original model for how we ought … More How to Read the Psalms

Kingdom Come

One of the great revelations of the Gospel surrounds the nature of the Kingdom of God. When we enter the New Testament, the very first words uttered by John the Baptist and Jesus Christ are draped in Kingdom language, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” (Matt. 3:2; 4:17) The Kingdom was the … More Kingdom Come

For the Love of God

What do you think is the most important verse in the Bible? If you were to ask Christians, I imagine the majority of them would say something like John 3:16, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” … More For the Love of God

His Righteousness Alone

What does it look like to be a righteous person? The word “righteousness” appears nearly a hundred times in the New Testament. Its emphasis is typically focused on the ideas of justice, rightness, and fairness. The ancient philosopher Aristotle described righteousness as “uprightness [consisting] of that which is lawful and fair” (EN 5, 1, 8, … More His Righteousness Alone

Rehoboam: The Scorpion King

There’s nothing quite as important as a first impression. Now depending on the personalities involved, you may be able to recover to some degree, but first impressions are rarely forgotten. In the Scriptures, we find that one of Rehoboam’s first acts as king (insofar as the Bible records for us) was an absolute train wreck. … More Rehoboam: The Scorpion King