God’s Grace to Noah

I’ve never understood why the nurseries in churches so often highlight the story of Noah’s ark. If you are unaware of this story, it’s one of the most frightening displays of God’s raw power and justice in all of Scripture. In it we learn that the wickedness of humanity is so vast that the only … More God’s Grace to Noah

This is My Father’s World

The Bible begins with those classic words of Genesis 1:1, “In the beginning…” and from the outset its tone is different than what we might expect from a book of beginnings. When people begin books about God, so often they want to begin with a textbook description of His character and attributes. Another approach often … More This is My Father’s World

God’s Good Law

Psalm 119 is a gift to Christ’s church. If you’ve encountered it before, you know its massive. This psalm is composed of 176 verses. For its gargantuan size, there is only one big idea presented: the Word of God. I challenge you to point to any verse at random. Go ahead. Do it. I bet … More God’s Good Law

A Book of Books

If you’ve ever opened a Bible before then you know that there are many different types of literature contained in the book. Sometimes you find poetry. Other times you find history full of narratives and lists. On another occasion, maybe what you discover are law codes, or parables, or even some otherworldly stories known as … More A Book of Books

Why Are There Churches?

There are no lack of companies and organizations in our world. One of the common features of successful companies is that they know precisely what they intend to do. They typically condense their business’s entire reason or purpose for existence into a single sentence which guides all that they hope to accomplish. One company may … More Why Are There Churches?

Precious Little Time

When we think about the life of Jesus, we find the supreme example of productivity. Now I don’t mean that He wandered about with a to-do list. But I do mean that He was a man with limited time. He ministered for only a handful of years, and then after His resurrection He remained for … More Precious Little Time