A Song of Creation

What kind of God is the God of the Bible? Is he petty and weak? Is he unmoved by our suffering or indifferent about our sorrows? Is he chaotic or uncertain or cruel? How would you answer the question, “What kind of God is the God you serve?” Where would you begin? We could share … More A Song of Creation

How to Read the Psalms

How can we begin to consider the majesty and beauty contained in the Psalms? No book in human history has ever matched the emotional depth, wisdom, clarity, winsomeness and majesty as contained in these 150 psalms. The Book of Psalms is the original prayerbook, the original hymnal, and the original model for how we ought … More How to Read the Psalms

God’s Two Books

Do you know that God can speak to us through the beauty of His creation? There is not an audible voice, nor a still small voice. But as we marvel and look out, we can enjoy and recognize the fingerprints of God. Where do we see them? We can find them in the hues of … More God’s Two Books

Dread Breeds Doxology

When we look at Psalm 77, we behold a man brought to the deepest point of his despair. Perhaps we wouldn’t expect that sort of thing in the Bible, because so often we are told that Christians are always happy. But if you are living soul then you know that such an idea is a … More Dread Breeds Doxology