God with Me

Our church spent the summer working through portions of the book of Psalms. They are all treasures in various ways and have different occasions for use. Psalm 46 is one worth noting, in that it was a crucial tool in the founding of the Reformational churches in the 1500s. Martin Luther, the Protestant Reformer, paraphrased … More God with Me

Van Til: The Bible Speaks

One of my favorite theologians is Cornelius Van Til. He was a philosopher, apologist, and professor at Westminster Theological Seminary for 43 years. His approach to defending the faith was rather unique and still causes polar responses. But one of his most helpful comments assists us today. Van Til wrote “The Bible is thought of … More Van Til: The Bible Speaks

Wisdom for Life

Have you ever found yourself overwhelmed? You had a situation or a problem before you and you weren’t sure what to do next. You’ve got to make some decision that has immediate consequences, for better or worse, and you’re not quite sure which is best. Life is full of these sorts of moments. How much … More Wisdom for Life

We Need the Truth

Every Christian is called by God to love the truth. We are not simply called to love true things such as 2+2=4 or that the sun produces light, or that the grass is green because they exist as such. We are called to love the truth because every fact exists as God’s truth realized. When … More We Need the Truth

Ask, Seek, Knock

Have you ever been tempted to give up praying for someone or something? You had spent all this time and effort hoping and praying and it just seems as if God has put you on hold, so to speak. When we work through the Scriptures and drink in deep the living spring that is God's … More Ask, Seek, Knock

He Bears You Up

There is a mountain that I’ve often hunted on near my home. There is a beautiful trail near its peak. As you walk, if you are able to keep your chin up along the way, you can peer out over the horizon and see for miles on end. A year or so ago, my son … More He Bears You Up

A Time of Testing

For many of us, we often see our lives as a flipbook of the mundane. Our schedules become repetitious, and thoroughly predictable. But in the midst of this string of the ordinary, God may come, and present to us a defining moment in our lives. A moment when our actions will have repercussions that may … More A Time of Testing