Joy to the World

In our children’s Sunday school class, I have recently been teaching on the Fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5: 22-23), namely that these are not just external behaviors or tasks to accomplish. Instead, these are evidenced of the Holy Spirit within us that change the foundation of who we are. It is that of the … More Joy to the World

An Advent Story

As a child, I loved the classic Christmas movies. Do you remember them as well? We had “Charlie Brown” and “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.” We had “The Grinch” and “A Christmas Story.” These stories were so often in rotation that it would almost feel wrong if we didn’t see them at Christmas time. What is … More An Advent Story

An Advantageous Advent

We have officially entered the season of Advent. But what does that mean? This word “advent” means “arrival,” or “coming.” Now the Advent season consists of the four Sundays before Christmas. During this period two crucial facts are remembered. First, that Jesus Christ has come. All the Old Testament pointed forward to this coming seed … More An Advantageous Advent

Have Ye Any Cheer Left?

Just this past week I was grabbing groceries for my family. While I was checking out, the individual working the register saw our church’s logo on my vest, and asked if I was involved with the church. I introduced myself as the pastor. This person then walked closer and said very seriously, “May I ask … More Have Ye Any Cheer Left?

I Was Just Thinking . . .

Years ago my wife and I were obsessed with a sitcom called “Everybody Loves Raymond.” The show is in many ways a modern classic, and you likely are aware of it. In one of the earlier episodes the retired curmudgeon, Frank Barone, finds new life as he embraces a “career” as a writer. The end … More I Was Just Thinking . . .

Merry Day-After-Christmas

As a kid, I remember the distinct moment I realized that Christmas was over. There was the vague recollection that there was an immense month full of joy and anticipation, and then the glorious event itself. All the evidences of the joy of Christmas were still with me, bits of wrapping paper could still be … More Merry Day-After-Christmas

An Advantageous Advent

Have you ever heard of the axiom, “I am a Christian but I don’t go to church.” In many ways, this has replaced the Apostles Creed as the most fundamental creed for many individuals who classify themselves as Christians today. What are you supposed to say to that? People typically expect you to simply smile … More An Advantageous Advent