Pray For Your Heart

Did you know that the Apostles made prayer requests? At the tail end of Paul’s letter to the Ephesians he included a prayer request for himself.  Now this may surprise us because so often we think of prayer requests as something we do. We see prayer requests arise whenever there is a natural disaster, like … More Pray For Your Heart

Pray By the Spirit

The English puritan, John Owen, once wrote, “[The Holy Spirit] disposes the hearts of men to pray and enables them so to do.” (Works, 4:260) We may fail to realize this sometimes but the entirety of our spiritual life as Christians is rooted in the person and work of the Holy Spirit. What exactly does … More Pray By the Spirit

Why Pastors

What is the job of a pastor? I’ve often heard the joke go around that it must be great to be a pastor because you only have to work one hour a week. Now there are shameful pastors who are in fact lazy, and will be held accountable to the Lord for everything they have … More Why Pastors