COVID-19 Response

The Corona Virus + Christ Reformed Church

In the face of Covid-19 and the recent partial shutdown of our state, Christ Reformed Church continues to meet.

December 2020 Update

This last year of isolation has taught us the need for community, and the deeply personal way the Lord has designed us. Now, more than ever, we need each other, and we need Him. We need to hear Him in His Word preached. We need to talk to Him in prayer. We need to experience Him in the Lord’s Supper. People are in desperate need of a solution to the problems of this life, and the Lord has given it to us freely.

Because of our deep dependence on the Lord, and our need for His care, we plan to continue to meet in person for worship service despite any additional shut downs that may occur. Further, our leadership is taking every precaution to keep our church family healthy! We regularly sanitize our worship & fellowship safe, and are committed to keeping our building safe for families to gather and worship. In addition to hand soap available in the bathrooms, we will have a supply of alcohol-based hand sanitizers available for use in the vestibule.

We want to reiterate that you are welcome to wear a mask, if you so desire. We will not be offended by a desire to be socially distant by sitting more isolated in the sanctuary or leaving immediately after service. Further, if you are sick or uncomfortable being in church, please reach out to us. We will be happy to provide you with a liturgy for worship at home, along with the sermon audio from the week. Please use common sense judgement about participation in church. If you are not feeling well, are at a higher risk, or uncomfortable joining us, please stay home. We know that the world around us is hungry for the Gospel, and hungry for community. We are grateful that we have the Pearl of Great Price. We are looking forward to sharing it with the world around us.

While some visitation has been temporarily paused, please do keep in contact with us through the website, Facebook page, emailing or calling at the below listed means. Further, if you are in need of food or supplies, or know of someone who is, please let us know how we can be a blessing to those in need at this time. Let’s continue to pray and do our own part to take precautions as we walk through this together.

In the joy of the Lord,
Pastor Angelo Valle

Phone: (814) 669-4135

If you have any other questions,


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