Family Worship Seminar

Let the Little Children Come to Me

A Family Seminar on Including Young Children in the Kingdom of God

Saturday, August 17, 2019 • 8:30am-1:00pm (Lunch provided)

Christ Reformed Church
502 Main Street • Alexandria, PA 16611

Suggested Donation of $20 per family
Pre-Registrations Appreciated

About This Seminar

I can’t think of a bigger gift and entrustment from the Lord than the heritage of children. As a parent to three beautiful and equally lively children, I can attest to the regular conversation with the Lord asking why He trusts my husband and I so much as to give us three little lives to guard and guide. It is a wonderful privilege to be their parents, but also an incredible burden to know that we are responsible for their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

“Everyone to whom much was given, of him much will be required, and from him to whom they entrusted much, they will demand the MORE.”  -Luke 12:24

While we have certainly not figured it all out, we would like to share with you our accumulated wisdom and experience on handling the spiritual care for children. To this end, Christ Reformed Church of Alexandria is hosting a one-day seminar and practicum for parents and children on the importance and practice of Family Worship, both in corporate worship settings and in its extension throughout the week at home.

Our prayer and our goal for this seminar is to provide each participant with a fuller understanding of family worship, which will lead to:

  • MORE enjoyable worship services
  • MORE Biblically-literate families
  • MORE meaningful family conversations
  • MORE courageous spiritual leadership

MORE Enjoyable Worship Services

Whoever wrote “Easy like Sunday mornings” did not have young children. Parents are exhausted before we even walk through the church doors, much less trying to survive an entire worship service with little ones. A segment of our seminar “Parenting in the Pew” will instruct on the importance of children in corporate worship services and give practical tips on incorporating kids in the participation of worship.

MORE Biblically-Literate Families

Did you know the Bible explicitly mentions children more than 600 times? That’s six times more often than the word “church”. Children are not to be a fringe addition to spirituality but God Himself puts heavy emphasis on the spiritual care of these little ones. As part of our seminar, the children themselves will have a special time of learning just for them!

MORE Meaningful Family Conversations

One benefit of spiritual legacy is longstanding companionship with your children regarding the things of the Lord. But developing that legacy is not something that is quickly established. Prioritizing consistent family times of reading the Bible and considering these matters together is vital to a child’s spiritual nourishment and naturally encourages family conversations on difficult topics. In the seminar, we will teach you and demonstrate what this practice of family worship in the home looks like, and during our lunch practicum, each family will have the opportunity to put into practice these newly learned skills.

MORE Courageous Spiritual Leadership

As the world continues to blur lines of family and even gender, it is crucial that we clearly understand the importance the Lord places on the family, each member with its own roles. Whatever the size, shape or distinctions within your family structure, God has given you an important role to play and asks each member to be a source of courage and leadership to those around you. Throughout the seminar, we will be hearing God’s wisdom for the various roles within family structure and learn practical ways to bear these responsibilities to the glory of God.

It is our hope and prayer that you would come to this Family Worship Seminar with hearts wide open to hear and see the role we all play in the spiritual development of our own children as well as the children around us. Even if you don’t have children in your immediate care, this seminar would do you well as you find ways to be an aid to the parents and children you impact in your congregation.

Make plans to be at this Family Worship Seminar to learn how to give your children MORE.

 Schedule for Saturday, August 17
8:30 AM  Registration: Continental Breakfast
9:00 AM  Session 1: Children in the Covenant (Separate Session for Children)
10:00 AM  Session 2: Parenting in the Pew (Separate Activities for Children)
11:00 AM  Session 3: Family Worship at Home (Combined Session for Everyone)
12:00 PM  Hot Dog Luncheon: Family Practicum


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