Soul Care

Soul Care

A Ministry of Christ Reformed Church

Providing personalized care to navigate how God’s Word addresses suffering and sin through in-person and online Biblical counseling.

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Soul Care aims to take the truth of God’s Word and make it practical to everyday living through the use of Biblical Counseling. We believe that as we grow closer to the Lord, His grace will enable us to better live for His glory in a fallen world. We walk with individuals, couples, families, teenagers, and children, side by side as they seek to answer the deepest questions of the heart by offering care for anyone who would seek to navigate how God’s Word addresses their suffering and sin.

Soul Care is NOT…

  • Designed to cure your hardships
  • Behavioral, psychoanalytical, mental health care, cognitive therapy, or crisis counseling
  • Social work or psychology
  • Bible verse band aids

Soul Care is…

  • An extension of the shepherding of the local church
  • Deeply concerned with body and soul
  • Individualized discipleship for struggles of suffering and sin
  • One-on-one application of God’s Word to each unique life in all circumstances

Rooted in Christ

Christ is at the root of the method and practice of Soul Care. Believer and unbeliever alike have a desperate need for the Savior to interact with their lives. The practice of Biblical counseling is built on this foundational understanding that God, as He has revealed Himself in the Holy Scriptures, is the only means of a life worth living. Union with Christ is the only bedrock upon which there is hope for lasting change.

Built Up by the Local Church

The ordinary means of grace in the visible church, the preached Word of God, the prayer of the saints, the participation in the sacraments, are God’s primary context for change, so Biblical counseling is merely an extension of such ministry on a more individualized basis.

Established in the Faith

The Holy Scriptures provides a rich anthropology that is wholly unique from a secular perspective. Therefore, Soul Care seeks to use the Bible as authoritative and sufficient for all of life. While suffering, sin, and pain may continue this side of eternity, applying God’s Word to each individual life is the means to glorify and enjoy Him beginning now. This means that there is not a three-step process or program for change in a person’s life. Each unique person and situation require wisdom to glean what is the most helpful application of Scripture to their individual life.

Abounding in Thanksgiving

The grace of God applied to each life will inevitably be evident to the world around us. This means that as clients are changed by the Holy Spirit, their community will be affected, and the kingdom of God continue to be spread. Soul Care seeks to transform the culture of our churches and communities as we integrate applied truth to individuals. We encourage perseverance amid suffering and sin because of our faithful Redeemer who brings joyful thanksgiving despite circumstances.

built up

1. Start with your Local Church

Because we believe that those who know you best can walk with you best, we encourage you to start your journey toward Soul Care in your local church. Approach a trusted pastor or elder with the concerns of you heart to seek their wisdom. If this is not an option, or they recommend more specialized care, we are happy to be a part of your journey.

2. Contact Soul Care

After contacting us, you will receive an intake form which will ask for details about your background and the distress at hand. It will also include a consent form that will explain more of how we seek to help. Once completed and returned, we will schedule our first meeting.

3. Meet with a Counselor

At an initial meeting, we will develop goals and a plan for our meetings. As a general standard, we meet for a minimum of 8 consecutive weeks of 60-minute sessions. Continuation of meeting will be evaluated together and a plan for on-going care will be developed that may include accountability with loved ones and degression of meetings.

Our times together may include a variety of strategies for your growth: questions and conversations, prayer, Bible study, expressive activities, and more, all with the expressed purpose of helping you to understand what the Bible has to say about your unique struggle and how to apply its teaching to the situation.


Our skilled helpers bring unique training in Biblical studies and Soul Care to each person with whom they meet. While we do not want soul care to be financially burdensome, we recognize the value added when a sacrifice is required. As such, the following guidelines serve as a per session minimum suggested donation, not a financial obligation:

$40 for individuals
$50 for couples and families

We are happy to work with those who may require financial assistance and can provide scholarship to those in need. Christ has called us to walk alongside of our brothers and sisters in the faith, and we count it a great pleasure to do so.

Rev. Angelo and Mrs. Marie Valle

Rev. Angelo Valle has been the pastor at Christ Reformed Church since 2013. He has two master’s degrees in Theology from Westminster Theological Seminary and is working towards a doctorate of Philosophy from Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary. He enjoys working with men, teens, and married couples.

Mrs. Marie Valle has spent the better part of her life supporting families in various settings. She holds a master’s in Biblical Counseling from Westminster Theological Seminary and advanced certification from the Association of Biblical Counseling. Marie loves ministering to women, children, couples, and families.


“After meeting with Marie weekly, I learned necessary skills to apply God’s word to my own personal struggles. I learned many personal things that you just can’t learn in a Sunday morning service.” – CB

“Meeting with Marie and Angelo for marriage counseling has been the most genuine life changing experience my wife and I have ever participated. They ask the deep thought-provoking questions. ” – DK

“I have been brought so much closer to the Lord and brought through sanctification in my struggles truly because of Marie’s conviction of the Spirit, genuine care, love of Jesus, prayerfulness, willingness to help, continual encouragement, and knowledge. ” – JO

To schedule an appointment or learn more about Soul Care,
contact us at the email or phone listed below.

(814) 669-4135


A Confessionally Reformed Congregation,
meeting with God in liturgical worship,
proclaiming all of the Bible for all of life.