Film & Theology – Harry Potter


Film & Theology Description

Films are designed to make you feel. They are designed to tell a story that maps onto your life. They are created with the intent to make you ponder your own situation in a new light. Sadly, most people stop thinking about a movie as soon as the credits start to roll. But if it’s true that everything is preaching a sermon, it is critical that we learn to distill the messages being broadcast through our screens to see how they relate to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In our film & theology series, we comb through various movies in a number of genres to help you think critically about the films that you like to watch. We capture tidbits or quotes from the movie at hand and provide guided discussion questions that are designed to lead to Gospel conversations.

These discussion guides are perfect for living room conversations, small group studies, youth groups, evangelistic film clubs, and other such venues. The questions are geared towards those who have recently seen the film and are appropriate for middle schoolers and older (as appropriate to the movie).