Illuminance Cycle 4 Lessons


Illuminance Cycle 4 Lessons

The complete Illuminance Cycle 4 curriculum contains 36 lessons developed to provide additional substance and clarity to each of the catechism questions of the Cycle 4 Memory Work. Cycle 4 focuses on basic theology and its application to our lives. Each lesson contains a brief overview and Bible Study plan for all ages plus:

  • Games, crafts, and activities appropriate for elementary children
  • Discussion questions for engaging early teens in the application process
  • Study resources and topics for older teens and adults to help grasp the depth of the Scripture lessons being studied

Illuminance Bible Memory Work

The Illuminance Bible Memory Work is a catechism of successive questions and answers that facilitates learning by studying both the great Bible stories and doctrines at the same time.

This curriculum was designed to help students of all ages navigate the whole story of the Bible and reveal its relevant application for today. It can to be used in a variety of situations including:

  • Church Sunday School or small groups
  • Homeschool co-ops
  • 3-days-a-week homeschooling elective
  • Daily family devotions

Additional Resources

Each Illuminance Cycle 4 download also includes:

  • A complete supply list
  • An overview of the entire cycle at a glance
  • An introduction to how to use the curriculum in various situations

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